Dubstep Roundup Vol. 22 – 9.9.2011 [Nero, Justice, Pendulum, The Strokes, and more…]

We’rrrre BAAaaak.  Thats right its been one of those so called hot minutes since we’ve released a Dub Roundup.  Fear no more… Cuzz we’re packing that bass heat.  The kind that will make the little kiddies run and hide.  Call the poison control because its about to get yucky.

ARE YOU READY?!  Cheaah, we thought so.

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♫ Kerli – Army of Love (Grimey Bastard Remix) / Attention remix lovers and bass freaks.  Its time to get Nurdy.  What!

♫ Crizzly & Kids At The Bar – Like Dat / We had to move out of our house this month.  For a reason…………….. This song crumbled our foundation.  Beware of Mr. Yuk. 

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Sean Bones is chillin’ on Easy Street


i’ll be hangin where the jungle meets the street

Sean Bones – Easy Street

Does Sean Bones not look like he is just straight chillin here? I mean, damn, that is exactly how I plan on vibing this summer. Bones plays the kinds of lo-fi ska funk that you can throw on at a BBQ and everyone will enjoy. The Specials meet The Strokes for the perfect update to the classic 2nd wave ska sound. Just try to resist that guitar solo at 1:19! Grab one more Sean Bones track over at RCRD•LBL and then fire up the grill, baby!

Hey NYC! FREE show! May 6th, Sean Bones opening for Harlem Shakes (who you know are awesome) at Pianos. Did I mention free? Don’t sleep on that.

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