Remix Roundup Vol. 14 – 12.10.09

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It’s the holiday season and we all know that you are behind on your schoolwork/shopping/lovemaking/etc so let’s skip the niceties and get down to business.

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THE XX’s track ISLANDS has CRYSTALISED my love for them

the xx

spent my nights and days before searching the world for what’s right here

♫ The xx – Islands

I can’t say it any better than Andrew Gaerig‘s over at Pitchfork, so I wont. Here is the first line of his review, a bit of background on the band.

The xx are four 20-year-olds from South London who make predominantly slow, furtive pop music, mostly about sex.

If you didn’t know, now you know. His brilliance, however, is in his closing line where, alluding to their youth and relative inexperience, he really nails it on the head.

The xx didn’t need a gestation period, though xx is nuanced, quiet, and surprising enough that you might.

Amen, Andy. I might, and I definitely did. The xx is a band I have been resisting for 6 months now, having initially felt their music too boring and uninspired. When after hearing their relative ‘hit’ “Crystalised” (below), my cousin asked me what I thought of them. I quickly dismissed them as another talentless bore-band with an accidental good song.

♫ The xx – Crystalised

After months of being quite self-satisfied with my assumption, it was PMA’s reevaluation of their album reviw that made me think twice as well. Damn was I wrong. I think a lot of us were. The xx definitely know what they are doing here, I had just never slowed down to their pace so I could appreciate it. Now that winter is here and I’m in much more of a mellow-music study mode, xx is the perfect soundtrack. The music is never aggressive but always has a perfect little beat running through it. Intimate and sexy with just a hint of dance in it. “Islands” (above) has become my favorite track but others standout with each listen. “Basic Space” is gaining on it quick and that guitar that closes out the song is just perfect. OK, enough rambling from me, I have a cousin to email an apology to.

BONUS: Because The xx are such mood music it’s best to have quite a few tracks on hand to keep that mood going. Here are 2 songs not featured on xx that I am into. (Anyone know where exactly these came from? B-Sides? EP?)

♫ The xx – Do You Mind

♫ The xx – Blood Red Moon

There, now you have 4 great tracks. If you are still a cheap bastard and don’t want to buy the album yet then go find their Aliyah cover and another one of Womack & Womack (whoever they are). And then just get the album.

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