[PLAYLIST] The Best REMIXES of 2012 – Part 2 (July-Dec)



Man oh man. Could we be in a better world for fun remixes of great songs? Some of the old guard has been slacking in quality lately (RAC, where you at?) but new talent is cropping up in droves. Cyril Hahn practically made his name from that Destiny’s Child remix. Noah Hyde is on the map with amazing work. Manu el Chino nabs his second spot of 2012. Too many great tracks. Get on it for the weekend and check out all the bands and remixers you may have missed through the years. And especially listen to that Years & Years remix. What a genre flip. Mmmm…..

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[Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler]

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 02.21.13 [Bonobo, Zak Waters, Rhye, Mikky Ekko, Theme Park]

Music-Video-RoundupJeeze Louise. The site has been down a hot minute but lemme tell you, the sweet music videos rest for no one. Expect a few more of these installments in the coming days. So much goodness!

Bonobo – “Cirrus”

Hold onto your eyeballs. Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best Party Songs of 2012


2012 was a fantastic year for party songs. It seems that music is having more fun than ever and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. We’ve all had some epic parties set to some epic party playlists and tonight is the night to top them all. (Or not, really. Nothing worse than NYE pressure.) So take a trip down the Read more

[VIDEO] Theme Park – “Two Hours”

We’ve heard and loved the RAC remix but hot damn the original is a massive jam. And its got a big happy fun time video to boot. If you are going out on this Friday night then you’ll want to study this one for lessons on having the best time with the best people.

[REMIX] Theme Park – “Jamaica” (Gigamesh Remix)

we can let it go

♫ Theme Park – Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix)

Theme Park? Gigamesh? It’s a match made in heaven. The kind of song that makes me want to invest in expensive barware and throw cocktail parties. People will mix, mingle and at least one person will get casually slapped on the butt as they walk by.

[PLAYLIST] The Best REMIXES of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

So far, this year has been one of the best for remixes, making this list no easy feat. Speaking of feet, you should warm them up because they will moving in a second…

(Artwork pattern drawn by a Lego Turntable robot)

25. Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) / And suddenly Toby Keith is not only palatable but highly listenable.

24. Y Luv – Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix) / It’s pretty impossible to improve on the original so taking it in a different direction was a wise move. Get pumped!

23. St Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) / How do you make tropical more tropical? Give Read more

[VIDEO] Theme Park – “Jamaica”

I want a full Theme Park album already! These guys have been teasing us with heavy promise forever now! I guess I’ll just have to take a load off with the soothing sights and sounds of this video for new single “Jamaica.”

[REMIX] RAC Roundup w/ The Temper Trap, Theme Park, Princeton, Gossip, and Katy Perry

i am a war of flesh and heart that’s left undone between the person that I was and have become

♫ The Temper Trap – Need Your Love (RAC Mix)

Memorial Day has 3 key ingredients: Sunshine, BBQ, and music. I can’t think of a better way to take care of that last one then a roundup of the latest from RAC. Download these jams to your memorial day playlist and turn up appropriately.

♫ Theme Park – Two Hours (RAC Mix)

♫ Princeton – Grand Rapids (RAC Remix)

♫ Gossip – Perfect World (RAC Mix)

♫ Katy Perry – Part Of Me (RAC Mix)