[MP3] Thrice – “Words In The Water”

they were honey on my lips, then a bitter twist in my side, i knew they’d lay me in my grave

♫ Thrice – Words In The Water

No matter where you stood on the early-aughts emo/hardcore/whatever scene, it’s hard to deny California’s Thrice as a musical behemoth beyond any genres. Early tracks like “Ultra Blue” and “Stare At The Sun” (all of The Artist In The Ambulance really) were huge for me. I fell off the Thrice train after 2005’s Vheissu but was always aware of their new releases and even sampled a track or two occasionally. Well perhaps it’s time I got back on the wagon because “Words In The Water,” from the band’s recently released 8th album Major/Minor, is hitting all the right notes. The slow burn cooks a batch of gentle guitars and tense drums under Dustin Kensrue’s signature voice, eventually boiling over into a piece of beautifully spacious hard rock that the band has seemed to perfected in their latter years. Plus, almost all the reviews I have seen are high praise. Time to find the record!

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[MP3] ADVENTURE CLUB (Dubstep Roundup Preview)

♫ Thrice – Broken Lungs (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Soo, here we go boys and girls.. Adventure Club prove yet again that they aren’t human producing some of the sickest remixes on the dubstep market.  Although I must admit, they sold me on this one when they told me it was “Super Iced out”.  Im over here like, fuck yeah!  Nice description dudes,  SOLD!.  I think its about time we label them as one of the most up and coming dubstep producers in North America.  Yep.  At the very least, we know they straight up Keep it Nurdy.