[#40-21] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

STOP! If you haven’t read Part 1 which features #60-41 then do that first. Besides all the great jams in there, it is where I wrote all the sentimental self-congratulatory stuff so pay your respects, man.

Ok, on with the Hot Underrated Jamz.  Read more

Tiny Victories – “Scott & Zelda”

Sounds Like: Tiny Victories are finally back and haven’t lost an ounce of their wit, wisdom, or insanely catchy edgy pop goodness.

Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Future: Debut album Haunts out on June 10th. Pre-order it on iTunes and get an instant download of “Drinking With Your Ghost”  or order a copy on vinyl/cd.

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

Lets not talk about the fact this year is already half over. Thats just insane. About as insane as the quality of jams that have been pumping through TBE HQ’s speakers these past 6 months. Here is the best of the best. Did I miss any? Did you miss any?

(Thanks to Vladimir Bobritskiy for the album art.)

25. My Great Ghost – Plain Sight / A pulsating, haunting, and thoroughly beautiful journey.

24. Purity Ring – Obedear / Slightly creepy. Very ominous. Highly Read more

[EP] Tiny Victories – THOSE OF US STILL ALVIVE (w/ “Mr Bones”)

i’ve been trying to get in but all i can say is they’ve got a million different ways to make you pay

♫ Tiny Victories – Mr Bones

Remember when Tiny Victories gave us “Lost Weekend” and we fell in love with it’s big propulsive beat and sweet vocal hooks?  Remember when we bought the EP with real money and were so stoked to find out that all 5 of the songs work perfectly with the repeat setting? Remember when we fell in love with “Mr Bones” and its sunrise synth stomp grooves? Remember when we say that Tiny Victories played a Brooklyn show with Black Light Dinner Party and we were bummed we couldn’t be there? Remember when we read the post on The Burning Ear that said Those Of Us Still Alive was one of the best EPs of the year so far and that Brandon has had it on loop for weeks?

[MP3] Tiny Victories – “Lost Weekend”

i know you, you’ve got a stereo heart, you’ve got an ache in your mind and that’s a bad way to start

♫ Tiny Victories – Lost Weekend

  • Who: Greg & Carson
  • What: Highly danceable indie, like Gemini Club, Swiss Lips, Kitten Berry Crunch
  • Where: Brooklyn, NY + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Those Of Us Still Alive EP is out now.
  • Why: This jam is large! The more I listen to it the more I am certain that Tiny Victories are in fact a huge victory for us. Massive beats and tight production play perfectly with the tense vocals. Can I get dibs on these guys playing next year’s TBE SXSW showcase?