Sllash – “You” (Original Mix) + TLC – “Scrubs” (Remix)

Music for… blissing out to thoughts of sun-soaked days turning to sweat soaked night. The dry heat on your face of too much time outdoors. But most importantly, that beat you hear for the first time but instantly feels so welcome and comforting.

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Future: All kinds of funky soulful remixes here, like this great one of TLC.

[REMIX] TLC – “Unpretty (Follow Me Remix)”

at the end of the day, i have myself to blame, i can’t believe i’m trippin’

Another 90s smoove jam gets a slippery 2012 rework that is tailor made for steamy nights and stiff drinks. Wear protection, kids.

Remix Roundup /// Vol. 5

It’s raining in Brooklyn. And when it rains, it pooouuurs… remixes! Ahhhhh! A dozen of the hottest, freshest, gooeyest (sp?), finger-lickinest good remixes to hit my inbox in the past week.

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