Arlie – “Didya Think” // Martin Groch

Day jobs are hard and often boring but Arlie contemplates whether it’s better or worse than just sitting around. With rock-worthy guitar riffs and drum tracks, “Didya Think” really does make you question whether you want that day job you have. “Going against the grain” and taking a beach day or two might not be a bad idea, especially if you’re listening to this fleshed out track. Feel free to take some time away from your 9 to 5 and check this one out.

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The Outer Vibe – “Fionna” // Soey Milk

“Fionna” jumps from surf rock to disco grooves to sexy French jazz in less than four minutes, and I’m not bummed about it. Let The Outer Vibe’s newest track seduce you – that tasty horn solo is worth the indiscretion alone.

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The Outer Vibe – “Sweet to the Rind” + “Pink Moon” // Luke Pearson

There is a party going on in my head and you should really join! These two new jams from The Outer Vibe have got me so pumped for hopefully seeing them live again soon. Ever since I missed them at SXSW I’ve been consoling myself with mini dance parties of “Sweet To The Rind” and “Pink Moon”. It’s a fine back to back playlist combo.

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Jake McMullen – “Falling” // Eiko Ojala

Get ready for some feelings, because “Falling” is full of them. Jake McMullen feeding right into my wavelength on this one. More of this tender groovy magic please!

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The Outer Vibe – “Why Don’t You Listen?” // Charlie Hawks

Look, I can’t speak to the inner working of the relationship in the song here but I damn well know that it’s impossible to talk much when you are dancing as hard as one does at a The Outer Vibe show. I caught them live last week and the impressive dance moves spilled from the stage to the crowd. Their jams have been on solid repeat since them. “Why Don’t You Listen?” is on their Surf Disco Compacto EP which I already have on CD in the car I’m borrowing this week. The EP features 3 other tracks not currently online. So I suggest you keep an ear out in Los Angeles for me blasting it full volume. Or just catch The Outer Vibe on tour now and get your own copy…

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MONA – “In The Middle” // Martin Wittfooth

Few things get the blood pumping like walking around with MONA blasting in your headphones. I pity the fool that cuts in front of me on the sidewalk because I will literally air-guitar him into oblivion. I’m so stoked MONA is back. Dive into their new EP here.

Leagues – “New Money” // Thibaut Gleize

Leagues wanted to make you laugh…. so I’ll let these two wieners do it for him.

BIYO – “Seasons” // Yoshida Waka

The supremely funked out grooves in “Seasons” have me traveling to some weird alternate sky worlds in my mind. Join me please.

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