Topher Mohr – “Keep It Coming”

I’m just gonna turn this jam up and let the wonderful Topher Mohr take it away here:

I was reading Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” and came across the line “As I watch the stars shining, I think a thought of the clef of the universes, and of the future.” I think Whitman was referring to finding the key to unlock the secrets of the universe, but I liked the idea of of the word “clef” in the musical sense and imagined the stars hanging as notes on a musical staff. That gave me the first line of Keep It Coming and the rest came pretty quickly. I liked the idea that the only thing keeping us from this mystical, musical romance were our own worries and if we’d just stop thinking so much we could get lost in the magic.

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Topher Mohr – “Red Line Express”

Sounds like… the funk soundtrack to a lost film noir about big city nightlife. Our good friend Topher’s story below tells his story but this kind of upbeat take on nightlife living is something we can all relate to.

Location: Los Angeles, via NYC, via hangovers.

Future: More music soon.

I first fell in love with New York City in the winter of 2001. I arrived alone to audition for a rock and roll band, to escape the Midwest and to see what I was really capable of. I found a magical, electric city united and hardened in the crucible of devastation. It took about 24 hours of hard drinking and subway arguments to be granted New Yorker status. I would stumble from one Manhattan adventure to the next for the remainder of my 20’s before succumbing to the pull of the west in 2007.

I’ve now lived in Los Angeles longer than I lived in NYC, but I’m still a New Yorker at heart. Time has yielded perspective and Red Line Express is a reduction of my early experiences as a naïve Midwestern kid learning to be a jaded man – the hard way.

T. Mohr
August, 2014
Los Angeles