Sylo Nozra – “Two of Us” // Sam Octigan

not much to gain
from holding back these thoughts of you
I can’t erase

It can get pretty raw in those minds of ours. Calm the beast with some soothing Sylo Nozra. The man has the cure! Get into the whole this_era EP.

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Jane’s Party – “Old Friends” + “Cigarette Buzz” // Spencer Pullen

Nothing beats getting a bit weird and wild with some old friends. And when they are too far away to see all the time you can crack a beer and crank some Jane’s Party for a similar good-times effect.

Bring Back My Old Friends
And Some Older Wine
Paint Me Blue Skies
Shot In The Summer Time

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RALPH – “Something More” // Kevin Hong

I gotta be careful hiking with Ralph because with “Something More” in my headphones I’d be liable to leave everything behind to follow her if she asked.

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CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON is best played AFTER hours and ALL night

This voice warms the heart.  Read more

NOBLE as OAK and light as air was ALL I SAID as i drifted away

The Past Life LP is out now. Cancel your weekend plans and listen to it with your feet in the grass.  Read more

ALLAN RAYMAN would rule the streets of VERONA with THE HELLCAT swagger he drops with JESSIE REYEZ

People be talking about Allan Rayman. I say less talk, more rock. Like this jam.  Read more

Hans Island – “Break Free”

They say not to stare into the sun because it will make your whole world go bright and you won’t be able to see the things around you anymore. With Hans Island in my ears that doesn’t really sound so bad…

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Tep No – “Swear Like a Sailor”

Another dreamy/sexy jam from the unstoppable Tep No for your weekend. Its the hazy tropical groove for whistling along to as you flip the bird to the workweek, your worries, and Taylor Swift.

I had a thought, running through my head
Now you’re gone, I don’t remember it
I had the life, and then I see you
Now our love is all see through

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