Tep No – “Safe Dream” Feat. Heather Janssen

The magical Tep No returns with another gem. “Safe Dream” is perfect for drifting off to the sound of rain on the windows. A sound we have been blessed with here in Los Angeles. Turn it up and bliss out.  Read more

Earth Rides Along – “Cheap Shots And Two Dollar Beers”

Things get a bit weird when you hang out with Earth Moves Along. Well, to be fair, they start out pretty weird, but get even weirder too. Crumbling cars give way to crippled bikes. Stray dogs become wingmen at the bar. Dial up modem sounds turn into a drinking song. Its all a haze in the end but your wallet didn’t take much of a hit so you stab a flag of victory in the next morning’s egg sandwich.  Read more

Hans Island – “I’m Yours”

Just because Monday is pounding on your door like a brutal hangover, doesn’t mean you can’t close your eyes and flash back to the softer moments of your weekend gone by. That time in the sun. That time having fun. That time spent in the arms of your only one. Hans Island have the perfect song for keeping those moments on repeat in your mind before you return to the cruel mistress of the workday.  Read more

Young Empires – “Uncover Your Eyes”

Old friends and old faves Young Empires continue dropping gems from their forthcoming follow up to my much loved Wake All My Youth EP. “Uncover Your Eyes” slows things down for an introspective oooh-along groover that I think we can all relate to. Or at least have a few people we would wish uncovere their own eyes.  Read more

Tep No – “Pacing”

TBE fave Tep No with another beautiful sun-kissed jam for floating up, falling down, and all the floaty spaces in between.  Read more

JAHKOY – “Still In Love”

Catch a whiff of her perfume in the air. See the scarf she used to wear on another person. See a city you once visited together in a movie. It can happen anywhere at any time and the realization that you are still desperately still in love will hit you like a ton of bricks. JAHKOY is not making that feeling any easier to handle with this sultry sex jam that will literally turn the world around you into one big reminder of the nights you no longer have. The only thing to do is dim the lights and use JAHKOY to make some new memories to push out the old.  Read more

Tep No – “Karma, You Got Owned”

In case you have been living under a rock, the seasons are changing and the weather is warming and its time to give the middle finger to winter and break out the aloe vera lotion and patio furniture. Sunbathe accordingly.

Karma, You Got Owned

Young Empires – “The Gates”

Running into this new Young Empires jam on the internet is like running into that girl from Middle School that you had a crush on and you are like “Damn, you grew up! I mean you were always cute and awesome but this is like woah, yeah, adult!” Except that with “The Gates” you don’t have to sound so much like a goob and can just hit repeat and give that reaction a second try.

P.S. SO excited for new Young Empires. #gocanada