[MP3] Jim Guthrie – “Lone Star”

♫ Jim Guthrie – Lone Star

The conception of the Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies was a peculiar one. The LP was made almost exclusively for the Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP iOS game. In laymans’s terms, Sword & Sworcery is both an audio visual gaming experiment and an LP. Jim Guthrie, the man behind the music side of the experiment, has been at this music thing for quite a while now. Being the gamer I am though, I of course take notice when someone does the music for an iPod game. I’ll have to get better about that. Take a listen to the above track (I love it), and if you have an iPod or iPad, consider getting the game to experience the true audio visual voyage.

Take flight (with a space baby) at the Website

[PREMIERE] Dream Jefferson – PUNCH PERM EP (w/ “Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla” & “Purple Hearts”)

rap like hell and make it sound like heaven

♫ Dream Jefferson – Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla

Fcuk Jay-Z and Kanye, the only new rap release you need to be worrying about is the new Dream Jefferson EP Punch Perm which went live to the world a few minutes ago. Dream Jefferson’s Corboe and Owel trade verses with slick ferocity, not slipping an inch from their stellar debut EP Sasquatch Bury Their Dead. The music gets a bit more adventurous as they slip in some chill throwback synths on “The Seed and Sower” and some funked up trotting beats and grunty vocals on “All Things Shining.” The rhymes and storytelling are quick, irreverent, and on point as they drop odd references to things like The X-Men (“The Danger Room”), The Royal Wedding (“Westminster Abbey”), and Final Fantasy and Beyonce in the same song (“Robo Kill Beneath Disco Club Layla”). I don’t know how Corboe and Owel got album art that is basically a mirror of what happens when you hear these jams. Nifty trick. Also a nifty trick is fleshing out their sound with a guitarist and some lady back-up vocals. Damn, ok, so now I think I have to post “Purple Hearts” too.

♫ Dream Jefferson – Purple Hearts

Gotta love that beat and groove. Gotta love Dream Jefferson. There is just no other way. If you are anywhere near Ottawa tonight then hit up the record release party and high five the guys from me.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp <<– Get EP FREE here!

[MP3] Hooded Fang – “ESP” & “Den of Love”

cause i got a woman that i need to get next to or i will surely die

♫ Hooded Fang – ESP

Awesome band name? Check. Awesome album art? check. Awesome California throwback surf vibe? Check. Awesome hometown of Toronto? Ch.. what? Something must be in the water up in the T-Dot cause this is the second batch of surf inspired tunes this year to come from that part of The Great White North (see Art Imperial). “ESP” is all jittery cola beverage at the malt shop by the promenade while “Den of Love” takes things back to moms basement after the drive in for a little fumble and tumble on the shag rug. It’s like a perfect summer day and night rolled into two songs.

♫ Hooded Fang – Den of Love

Fun facts about Hooded Fang are that they recently toured with TBE favorites Rural Alberta Advantage and that their LP named Album from 9 months ago was been long-listed for a Polaris Prize. Why haven’t I heard these guys before? It’s just wrong. Their new album Tosta Mista is out July 26th. Summer ‘aint over yet!

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[MP3] The Natural Shocks – “The Plane”

i happily abate my apathy, it’s everything i want to be

♫ The Natural Shocks – The Plane

A bit a straightforward sing-along rock out of Toronto sounds about right to me. Bounce and OOOh Oooohh along with “The Plane” as let your foot go heavy on the pedal. It’s propulsive music for open roads and the wind at your back. When you get home grab two more tracks of the trio’s debut LP Complete With Comfortable Lighting over at their Soundcloud. “Miri” is another album standout. A bit of ramshackle crunch tucked into the album’s closing stretch.

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[EP] DREAM JEFFERSON are on about VAMPYROTEUTHIS and THE GHOSTS OF SAN SIMEON on their epic debut ep

cause we’re all dying at some point, i can’t afford to restart, i only got one coin

♫ Dream Jefferson – Vampyroteuthis

Dream Jefferson are a Toronto duo who deal in the illicit street art they call “Canadian-Electro-Party-Rap.” If that sounds like the worst ever then you need to slow your roll and take that one word at a time. Aw fuck it, no time for reading when jams like this are pumping through my headphones, making me want to mount this office desk and raise the damn roof! Producer and lyricist Corboe lays down the sick/slick beats while he and Owel Five spit hook-heavy rhymes about everything from “luminescence” to For Who The Bell Tolls. This is not your younger cousin’s party-rap, this is Dream Jefferson and as far as I am concerned they’ve wiped the slate clean, if only to rest their beers on it while they rock our business.

♫ Dream Jefferson – The Ghosts of San Simeon

Take these two tracks as a taste of their vibe and range and once you have acclimated to party-rap transcendance then take in the rest of their debut EP, Sasquatch Bury Their Dead. It is being offered a free download so don’t waste any time on that. All 7 tracks pop and swerve with the tightest hip-hop swagger I’ve heard all year. The opening tracks begins with a sample of some stuffy guy saying “you best put seat-belts on your ears, cause I’m gonna take them for the ride of their lives.” While that is certainly a bold statement, it’s not far from the truth.

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The Carps want you to know that It’s Raining In The Projects, But It’s Sunny In Africa


i gave them song and dance and watched my coffers grow

The Carps – It’s Raining In The Projects But It’s Sunny In Africa

The Carps are not for everyone. That said, if you can handle scuzzy bass-lines, politically charged lyrics, and propulsive percussion then you just might dig this Toronto two-some as much I have been. With two EPs under their belt and the above single recently dropping they are definitely evolving their evolving sound is getting tighter. Like a less fuzzed-out Japanther, or a less whiny Local H, they push the drummer & bassist envelope while adding their own flavor. “All The Damn Kids” is from their first EP, The Young And Passionate Days Of Carpedia, and has a bass-line that is so filthy I am blushing just listening to it. I can definitely see them putting on the kind of raucous live show that leaves you unsure of the difference between the sweat and beer on your body.

The Carps – All The Damn Kids

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