Iro – “Sun” + “Habits” (Tove Lo cover)

With the windows down and the dusty air whipping through the car there is only one direction to go! To the desert! Tap those hands on the steering wheel and get that head bob locked in a tight groove, you can taste the weekend on the horizon!

Then, when you are hazily making your way back to reality after the blur of weekend has left your mind broken you’ve got this killer “Habits” cover to haunt yourself with.

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Remix Roundup 73 – [5.2.2014]

This is it folks, the official relaunch of the new Remix Roundups. They will be leaner, meaner, and much more frequent! Get into it for the weekend!

Such a killer remix!

Sunset pool parties here I come!

Gotta love the keytar!

Oooh, nice and gritty!

Another killer remix from Manu. So smoooth…

A match made in sunset summertime heaven…

Bounce with it all weekend.

Noah Diamond back with a sexy one!

[LIVE] Tove Lo // Los Angeles 4.22.2014

I finally got to see Tove Lo live last night at Popshop and it was everything awesome I could have imagined. Her voice holds up, the production was killer, and most importantly, everyone was stoked to be there.

But what did other people think!?

Bonus jams. Get down.

Tove Lo – “Habits”

Tove Lo - Habits

you’re gone and i gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mine

Besides looking eerily like a friend of mine, Stockholm’s Tove Lo sounds like she is going through a bit of a rough patch. A lot of poor decision making going on here. At least she was wise enough to tie it all up in this delicious pop jam that demands windows-down scream-along participation every time it comes on in the car. Just beware the dangers of driving with streaking mascara.