Trails and Ways – “Skeletons”

Nothing I can say that beats the chorus here:

I know when they come to dig us up,
I know what they’ll find;
skeletons dancing,
at the scene of the crime.

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Wild Ones – “Rivals” (Trails and Ways Remix)

Keep It Safe (Retouched) - A Remix EP by Friends

TBE alums Trails and Ways deliver a magical remix of newcomers Wild Ones’ “Rivals”. Just the kind of twinkling jam that makes this holiday season feel so right. I’ve selfishly had this one on repeat for weeks. I recommend you do the same.

[MP3] Trails and Ways – “Lost” (Frank Ocean Cover)

Trails and Ways take Frank Ocean’s fantastic “Lost” on a trip down south, flipping the lyrics to Portugese and changing the story to a “back-and-forth between young lovers on forking paths, one winding through northern Brazil, the other up the office towers of San Francisco, each calling the other lost.” Sounds good to me!

[MP3] Trails and Ways – “Nunca”

you tell me this city is only a maze, of walls and laws you can’t obey

♫ Trails and Ways – Nunca

  • Who: 2 boys. 2 girls.
  • What: Sunny world folk, like Poolside, Wild Nothing, Kisses
  • Where: Oakland, CA + Facebook
  • When: Buy some singles now.
  • Why: With covers of Miike Snow and M83, Trails and Ways put a folky twist of recent synth-jam classics. But it’s their original work where I think they shine most. “Nunca” is a bouncy sunny afternoon of a jam that is sure to keep summer around a bit longer.