Max Frost – “Withdrawal”

Beware, the new jam from Max Frost is just soulfully funky enough to slightly alter your perception of the world. The kind of song that makes objects seem larger, brighter, and downright sexier then they oughtta be. You will want to exercise caution if listening to “Withdrawal” in public.  Read more

Moon Taxi – “Make Your Mind Up”

Thursdays are not for for making slow decisions. The weekend is quickly approaching and you gotta sort yourself out! Are you staying in? Going out? Make your mind up! I know what my mind is made up on, the fire horn parts in this Moon Taxi jam! No need to ponder their awesome level. Perfect 10. Press repeat. That’s a wrap.  Read more

Shameboy – “Trippin” ft. Max Marshall (Christopher Norman Remix)

Longtime TBE fave Christopher Norman returns again with a remix that gently lifts you off your seat and nudges you into the night sky. The lights of your world below slowly fade to flickering specks and our mind opens up to a whole new cosmos of slow motion space.  Read more

The Vantage – “Place In The Water” (MARK CHILL Remix)

Add this massive body groover to your arsenal of battle jams to fight those Monday blues. Hard to be bummed when you feel like a 15 foot long alligator with sunglasses and a fashionable bathing suit taking over the beach volleyball court from all the chumps who don;t even know how to set. Eat sand! Read more

Max Frost – “Let Me Down Easy”

Music for… reigniting your love for Max Frost and slowly easing into the week.

Location: Austin, TX

Future: Max is signed to Atlantic so fingers crossed for a full album soon.

Bop English – “Dani’s Blues (It Was Beyond Our Control)”

Sounds like… a slightly calmer J. Roddy Walston. Just as jangly and catchy but a little less likely to fall straight off the rails. Which can be just right for a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Fans of White Denim will recognize the voice of James Petralli. Bop English is his solo project.

Location: Austin, TX.

Future: Taken from the debut album ‘Constant Bop’ out April 13th/14th on Downtown Records (US) and Blood & Biscuits (UK/EU)

Leon Bridges – “Coming Home”

Music for… for the whole family to enjoy. Sit round this jam like an old timey radio and soak in the timeless soul.

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Future: Only 2 demos out so far but I would bet hard cash he is cooking much bigger things than that as we speak.


Wild Child – “Rillo Talk” (apollo x’s waiting for the rave remix)

Music for… those of us in need of a bit of throwback funk in our smooth indie slow jams.

Location: Both from Austin.

Future: I’d like to see some real collaborations from these camps. Just hang and make it happen!