Park Hotel – “Good People Bad Dreams” // Tyrell Waiters

A little LCD Soundsystem, a little Pulp, Park Hotel forges their own path into the dance punk scene with “Good People Bad Dreams”. Call and response vocals between the male and female singer is an excellent touch over the nonstop groove. This song forcibly drags you by the arm onto the dance floor and won’t let your feet stop moving until the night is over. Vibes for days.

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Retro Culture – “Heart Attack” // Tyrell Waiters

Unhappy relationships suck, but “Heart Attack” sounds like a bad romance in space. That’s gotta take some of the edge off, right? Because “Heart Attack” has enough groove in it’s pocket to power a rocketship. Oh well, one person’s heartache is another person’s disco jam.

Get more of Retro Culture’s sweet sadness by revisiting “Cold” from VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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