FEVER DAYS – “What’s Your Problem?”

Here is a touch of swagger to ring in the new year. A great soundtrack for breaking all your resolutions in the first week.

“What’s Your Problem” is Fever Days debut jam and I hope they drop more soon.

Fenne Lily. – “On Hold” // Masha Ivashintsova

There’s something about the contrast between the scratchy guitar and the elegance of Fenne Lily’s voice that brings this whole track together, like, when leaning against a tree, the roughness of the tree bark somehow makes the sun leaking through the leaves that much more lovely. All I know is that when the guitar solo rips into life, I’m totally sucked in, abrasion or no.

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Kai Fish – “Mad Dogs and Englishmen (feat. Alassane Sy)” // Lubaina Himid

With a cryptic, classical-inspired opening that leads into a bumpy, rockin’ hand-clapping rhythms, slam poetry vocals, and a vast electronic production, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” is a complex sonic experience.  To say it’s eclectic is an understatement.  Soundtrack Kai Fish for those night drives racing through the empty highways under the celestial sky.

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alltheluckintheworld – “Landmarks” // Peter Waite

What makes alltheluckintheworld’s “Landmarks” so compelling is how it manages to break away from the conventional folk song structure yet also maintain an instrumentally folk soundscape.  The result is n emotional journey conveyed by alltheluckintheworld; you feel like you finished a coastal hike at the edge of the world with the vocalist, talking about the shortcomings of love, by the time you’re through this.

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Best Friend – “Fell 4 U” // Vacuum

Best Friend create music that ushers in disco funk for a new generation, without making it sound overly recycled.  “Fell 4 U” ingeniously blends the rhythms of disco dance funk with the production and beats of modern EDM (Mura Masa x Earth, Wind, & Fire?).  Perfect soundtrack for your impromptu photo shoot for 70s night at the club.

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Shane Euston – “Toxic Love” // Calypso Mahieu

No part of Shane Euston’s menacing track expects something good to happen from this relationship. From lyrics like “There will always be a place for you by my side / Day or night / You know that’s it killing me” to the subterranean bass that slithers beneath the entire song, there’s no doubt in the singer’s or the listener’s mind that this is gonna go wrong. But the hurt and the song is too good to turn down. This would be the poison that we’d pick every time.

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All The Luck In The World – “Golden October” // Andrea Kowch

“Golden October” is an emotional waltz down nostalgia lane filled with swelling string accompaniments and precise guitar plucks to create that exact raw emotional energy.  The end result is a song that feels like an introspective journey perfect for long hikes and bike rides into the sky.

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[PREMIERE] Fred Page – “Saw It Off”


“Saw It Off” is about letting go of the things holding you back from where you want to go, and every aspect of the song commits to that feeling. From the jaunty guitar line that’s practically jumping out of the speakers, to the way the beat seems to get shut off for a second at the end of the choruses, Fred Page makes each element contribute to themes of his lyrics. “I turned away from all the bridges I burned on the way” is a rallying cry to move forward while also acknowledging the speaker’s own role in holding himself back – something stated even more directly in the repeated question “What am I waiting for? It’s only gonna weigh me down”.  The result is reminiscent of Ben Howard, but much livelier and easier to envision in an arena. “Saw It Off” might just be your next big hands-in-the-air anthem.

Saw It Off