Only Girl – “Stone” // BEZT

This sparse soul ballad brings out Only Girl’s vocals beautifully over the soft piano and sharp synth tones.  The contrast in tones in this overall ballad emphasizes the song’s themes of love striking when it’s expected the least.  The song doesn’t need a drum beat to define its steady pace; alone, it stands elegant and reflective.  Perfect for those nights of introspection while lying on the couch.

Get more Only Girl in your life on Vinyl Moon Vol 024: The Lost Expedition.

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Penelope Isles – “Gnarbone” + “Shining Gold” // Andrew McIntosh

There’s something hypnotizing and brilliant about Penelope Isles’ “Gnarbone.”  It takes lo-fi to new dynamic levels, layering chord over chord, building up verse after verse, until it reaches the climactic bridge, which is then filled with a tinge of psychedelic elegance and a bit of indie rock majesty.  This dense piece takes us on a journey that will never be quite over.  And such is what life brings us.

When you recover, kick back with the mellower ride of their latest jam “Shining Gold”.


ISLAND – “Try” // Ian Cumberland

With a delayed and phased synth to open up the song, ISLAND’s “Try” establishes a unique sound that blends into an organic one.  The deep bass lines perfectly complement the high registers of the synth and guitars, which create a dense platform for the smooth vocals to shine.  Perfect for a midnight drive through the empty streets of downtown, as if the synth was reverberating off of the looming skyscrapers.

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Safari Gold – “Breakout ft. Snny” // Quentin Blake

An uplifting, dreamy soundscape to play while sitting at the window seat on your cross-country flight.  The use of electronic piano combined with synth is the perfect recipe for the dreamy sound it achieves, and the Snny’s guest feature blends nicely with the carefree attitude the tune retains.

Drift away to more Safari Gold with their track “Howl” on VINYL MOON: Parallels.

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JW Ridley – “Jaguar Spring” // Project Backboard

JW Ridley is the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club’s dark, arty film sibling. JW Ridley writes songs that belong in the past but sound like the future. JW Ridley seems like the kind of guy who would be really unassuming in person, but has the stage presence of Kobe Bryant.

JW Ridley is also on VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between.

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Holy ’57 – “Bombay – Nairobi – London (Repeater)” // JonOne

This groovy, funky, jazz fusion tune sounds like a large ensemble arrangement of a Mattson 2 groove.  Perfect for an exciting adventure through downtown with some stops along the way, and a good way to pump you up for the rest of the day.

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Kloyd – “Balearo” // Eiji Ohashi

This electronic production uses a rhythmic pulse that becomes nearly hypnotic.  Perfect for people watching at parks, hiking, meditating, and admiring the view from high altitudes.  If you’re feelin’ the mantra, be sure to check out Kloyd’s new Bandcamp releases on October 30th, 2017!

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Callum Pitt – “Rabbits” // F Choo

Callum Pitt lets his distinctive singing voice glide above pastoral finger-picked guitar on “Rabbits,” a song best-suited for sunset bike rides and winding roads. There’s something autumnal about the way the verse tumbles into the main hook, so pair “Rabbits” with your favorite scarf and enjoy the cooler weather.

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