Lyves – “Holding Back” // Kim Cogan

Lyves weaves her emotion through an industrial soundscape and a hauntingly beautiful piano.  The song can be both chilling and comforting.  But whether “Holding Back” aches your pains or helps wash them away, you’ll find yourself wanting more of Lyves superior vocals.

For another dose of catharsis check out “Free” from VINYL MOON Volume 023: Metamorphose

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.imp – “Pull Me Over” // Maria Sarbova

There’s something quintessentially English about “Pull Me Over,” and it’s not just the reference to drinking gin. It’s the way the lines tumble out of .imp’s mouth that’s reminiscent of Lennon’s proto-rapping in “I Am The Walrus”. It’s the gloomy organ in the background that brings out the grayness of London rain. And it’s the same counter-culture proselytizing that brought us punk and British new wave.

But the best part is that none of these things are necessary to appreciate the boom-bap of the drums, the thudding groove of the bass, and the sheer sing-along-ability of the chorus. Lighters in the air, folks.

JW Ridley – “Somewhere Else” // Alexa Sirbu & Lukas Vojir

If you’ve had enough of the summery beach tunes we’ve been slinging your way, the latest from JW Ridley should be a welcome change of pace. Anxious, moody, and expansive, “Somewhere Else” is playing in the background as someone frantically attempts to light a cigarette at night.

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Trudy and the Romance – “Is There A Place I Can Go” // Vinna Laudico

If you’re gonna be a hopeless romantic, you’re gonna need a heart-wrenching soundtrack. Luckily for us all, Trudy and the Romance are here to indulge all of our maudlin mopes and saccharine sighs. Just try not to cry into your drink.

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Oya Paya – “Put My Record On” // Bompas and Parr

Oya Paya puts their hip-hop influences aside for a moment and lean heavily into the alt rock that’s always informed their music. Clever wordplay and strong melodic hooks will have Jamie T fans doing a double-take. Bite into “Put My Record On”.

For more of Oya Paya’s musical melting pot, get back into “Just A Little Man”, found on VINYL MOON Volume 022: Might.

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Mina Rose – “Lemons and Limes” // Julia Hill

Heavy dub attitude permeates every moment of “Lemons and Limes”, giving added strength to Mina Rose’s already-charged verses. This is currently the only track on her Soundcloud, but clearly Mina Rose is one to watch.

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New Arcades – “Fade” // Fin DAC

Taking the best of those 80’s guilty-pleasure ballads, New Arcades wear their hearts on their sleeves – and those sleeves are probably on white sports jackets rolled up past the elbow. If you see them live, be sure to bring extra lighters to wave during the big moments.

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Best Friend – “In Film” // Robert C. Jackson

Their album art says it all! Spend the weekend with Best Friend! I recommend both “In Film” and your real ones (and some bubbles) for maximum enjoyment. You can thank us when you are buying some aloe on Monday. And use “Full Colour” to ease back into the week.

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