Basement Jaxx make me wet with Raindrops


just like a waterfall straight through the heart of me

Basement Jaxx – Raindrops

Whaaaa! New Basement Jaxx!!! If you are all like “Why you flippin? Their last few albums weren’t even any good, bro.” Then you haven’t hit that little play button yet. Push it! The guys that brought us “Red Alert,” “Romeo,” “Take Me Back To Your House,” and awesome videos like this, are back with beautiful artwork to a beautiful song. “Raindrops” doesn’t even have their usual steez of guest vocals, that’s Felix Buxton (one of the Jaxx) and some vocal processor spitting crystal beauty at us. The epicness of this song is undeniable Jaxx but it does seem like they are changing up their game big time. Their MySpace has been stripped of all songs but “Raindrops” and the album field of the MP3 is labeled “The Return Of Basement Jaxx.” Snap! The actual name of their forthcoming LP is Scars and it supposedly features vocals from Santigold, Sam Sparro, Lightspeed Champion, Grace Jones, Yoko Ono, Yo! Majesty, and Cyndi Lauper. Fresh ta def.

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Brakes ask that you Don’t Take Me To Space, Man


singing goddamn i’m happy just to be alive

Brakes – Dont Take Me To Space (Man)

You may have noticed that new little eMusic Daily Download box in the right sidebar. eMusic subscribers can pick up a free song everyday! What does Amazon give you? One a week? Ha! That, along with a million other reasons, are why I love eMusic and have been a subscriber for 3 or so years. Oh, and this hot track by Brakes? Yeah, picked it up from that same eMusic box yesterday. The sweet just gets sweeter. Brakes (Known as brakesbrakesbrakes in the US) are a UK quartet whose third LP Touchdown just came out. This is the first I have heard of them and I’m loving the straight up no-frills rock. Feels like something straight out of the 90s that would be at home in a Pre-Millenial Flashback. Very sweet indeed.

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Rogues suck? It’s just Not So, Pretty.


lock me in a room with time, see who comes out alive

Rogues – Not So Pretty

The word “Rogue” has a definite history of associations in my mind: from the X-Men in my early years to Rogue Wave and rogue missiles/soldiers/whatever in later years. I think UK’s Rogues are poised to overshadow all those. These guys have only dropped one mastered track on the world but their collection of demos on their MySpace show huge promise. “Not So Pretty” is a tight-to-death indie-dance-pop jam-0 that makes me pretty stoked for more! More rock! More dance! More hyphens!

Also! Get your dirty lil paws on the tasty Feed Me remix over at RCRD•LBL

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