Urban Cone – “Sadness Disease”

Music for… a high speed chase through an 80s video game with nothing to defend yourself but a laser gun that shoots cat squeeks. Thanks to TBE faves Urban Cone for getting weirder and wonderful-er with every jam!

Location: Sweden

Future: Level 2! Download “Sadness Disease” & “Lionhearted” on iTunes.

20syl – “Motifs” EP

As a DJ, producer, and resident badass of C2C, the Frenchmen 20syl does it all. Have you seen this video for “Kodama”?  It is beautiful and meticulous. His music and image are carefully crafted and impressive. The arms aren’t attached, what!

I have jammed to his funky remixes, and am stoked to have 4 new ones from his EP “Motifs”.

“Ongoing Thing” is classic hip hop flavored electro pop, and will be in all my summer playlists. He double doggy dares you with “C.Y.D.T.T. Can you dance to this!?”. And the answer is YES. Time to prove it!


Porter Robinson – “Porter Robinson – Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)”

Sounds Like… our homies in Urban Cone are finally getting the love they deserve. Props to Porter robinson for using that sweet Swedish sound on his new jam.

Location: Sweden

Future: More Urban Cone fans.

Urban Cone – “New York”

Urban Cone - New York

i wish that i could take you there

New Urban Cone song is another example of why these Swedes are killing it right now. They release rarely (a handful of songs in 2 years), opting for quality over quantity. Take note you young bands.

[PREMIERE] Urban Cone – “Black Ocean” & “Kings & Queens”

tears will fall like lemon drops and split your heart in two

We’ve heard Urban Cone make some beautiful noises before but my true test of any great band is how they handle their mellow jams (see Brand New). Urban Cone dial it down wonderfully in the elegant, minimal, and still catchy “Black Ocean.” Tension swells with the oncoming drums and just as it climaxes it turns back around and slips out the door it snuck through. For another new taste of these Swedish kings get on the bouncy “Kings & Queens.” Synths & handclaps dance it out as we wait for the US release of the Our Youth EP on December 4th. They do have a cool urban scavenger hunt game going on in Europe to unlock new tracks. Check it out at their website.

[MP3/VIDEO] Urban Cone – “Freak” & “We Should Go To France”

don’t leave footprints in the snow

♫ Urban Cone – Freak

  • Who: 5 Swedes with cooler names than me like Rasmus, Magnus, and Tim.
  • What: Indie electro rock, like I Am In Love, Miike Snow, Reptar
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweeden + Facebook
  • When: Our Youth Pt. 1 EP is out now. More singles rolling out soon.
  • Why: These guys took my ears by storm last year with “Urban Photograph” and wedged their way into the top songs list with ease. Newer jam “Freak” is less spazzy and more methodical, trudging along with a danceable heartbeat that stubbornly persists beneath the undulating vocals. And then there is that guitar riffing that starts at the 2 minute mark. Hot damn. Take a breather from that awesomeness for some subtler Urban Coneage with tender groover “We Should Go To France.” Then continue for the consistently beautiful and only periodically disturbing video for “Freak.” Read more

The Best SONGS of 2011 – Pt. 2 (July-Dec)

Songs are pretty amazing things. It’s magical that such a small thing can be so powerful. In the blink of an eye a song can make you smile, dance, cry, think, laugh, etc. These are the ones that did all those things for me the second half of 2011.  Read more

Brandon’s TBE Digest 25 – [7.25.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

What better day to drop the 25th Digest!? Chew on these and fire off some thoughts in the comments.

Right-click link to download. For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Frank Ocean – Dreamkilla / New (or maybe old) Frank Ocean produced by the Midi Mafia who also did one of the best songs of the year so far, “Swim Good.” Butter.

♫ Boots Electric – Boots Electric Theme / The first single from Eagles Of Death Metal’s frontman Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes. Hmm… I wanna love it but it’s just no EODM track.

♫ Wale – Lacefrontin’ / Remember when this guy was supposed to be the big thing? Just not feeling it. So much going on here but kinda nothing going on.

♫ Star Slinger – Dutchie Courage / Star Slinger bringing the Read more