PowerPCME – “Terminal Clouds (feat. Vaperror)” + Honda Civic, Windows Down” // David Biskup

PowerPCME’s “Terminal Clouds” is your psychedelic hot air balloon ride into the cosmos.  With phasing, complex synth tones and colorful electronic textures littered across the production, “Terminal Clouds” is as spacey as it is aesthetically melodic.  Be sure to take some time with “Honda Civic, Windows Down” another fantastic track from PowerPMCE’s great instrumental electronic dream album Endless Summer.

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Chris Ayer – “Heavy” // Miro Denck

With heavy, sorrowful vocals combined with the spacious production and hard-driven guitar and bass lines, Chris Ayer’s “Heavy” is sure to emotionally capture you in his melancholic bubble but still give you a fun time.  Perfect for an immersive and reflective day people-watching at the seaside.

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Thunder Jackson – “Guilty Party” // Thomas Danthony

“What exactly is a Thunder Jackson?” asks a woman near the beginning of Jackson’s own track, “Guilty Party.” Thunder Jackson himself quickly answers that question in the only (and coolest) way he can: a song full of swagger and soul.  With booming drum beats, striking bass notes, electronic textures, and a few sweet guitar licks here and there, “Guilty Party” is probably the only song you’ll need to get your acoustic dance party going.

Georgi Kay – “Guilty Pleasures” // Casey Weldon

Georgi Kay’s “Guilty Pleasures” is a song that embraces the impulses of love and lust.  With a swaggering production and beat coupled with majestic electronic instrumental brass lines, “Guilty Pleasures” is the soundtrack to the slow motion pan between two soon-to-be lovers’ gazes, perfect for color-splashed nights at the nightclub.

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Knox White – “I Tried To Change, I’m Still The Same” // Kim Hee Eun

Knox White funks the door down with his debut single! “I Tried To Change, I’m Still The Same” is a densely layered synth-vox pop lament about a lost love.  The phasing synths and constant beat create a hypnotic state that can transport its listeners to a whole new state of reflection.  Perfect for those slow morning strolls to the middle of nowhere.

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WORLDS – “Strange Feeling” // Thomas Danthony

“Strange Feeling” is the song that captures a precise moment in time, an emotional snapshot of romantic re-ignition.  With pure psychedelic indie pop vibes, WORLDS’ “Strange Feeling” is perfect for the perpetual beach bonfire in your life.

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Ivory! – “Alone” // Caitlin Soliman

What makes “Alone” so beautiful is its unique blend of classic hip hop sampling production (calling back to a Nujabes-inspired sound), jazzy electronica textures, and soulful vocal styles. Ivory!’s (formerly Geminii) is perfect music for a skyscraper rooftop chillout in the higher atmosphere, or for the reflective nights lying on the couch with a mug of tea.

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Julian Gray – “Navigate” // Brad Gray

It takes a minute to lumber over to the fridge and crack my ice cold Crystal Pepsi, but once a few sips hit my lips, I’m ready to fly! Cranking “Navigate” makes me want to grab my hover-board and shred into the neon sunset with a fingerless glove pumping to the sky! If I’m not back in 5 hours… don’t bother looking. I’m so far into the next dimension I can’t even send a postcard.

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