Soy Christmas – “Stalwart” + “Get Upset” // Illeana Soon

Some people might think a soy-based Christmas wouldn’t be filling enough but I like the idea of wrapping up the feast and still having energy for outdoor treks in the snow with these jams in my ears.

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Totally Michael’s heart goes out to Winona


call me crazy, call me stupid, call me anything you want

Totally Michael – Winona

Having trouble getting motivated on hump day? I’m not! I’m listening to Totally Michael and jumping off the couch! Totally Michael is a one man band (hence “Totally”) who performs live with only a guitar and his ipod as his backing band, but still brings the major heat. If you ever loved Blink 182 or had (umm… have) a crush on Winona Ryder, you will appreciate this. You’ll also appreciate that his self-titled debut album is available on eMusic as an advance, a full week before its normal release date. Get. On. That.

Bury your face in MySpace /// eMusic too

Wallpaper. Do It with RAC


i could be your sweatpants right underneath you

Wallpaper. – Evrytm We Do It (RAC Maury remix)

Wallpaper. (punctuation included) are two dudes making funky-glam-dance-rock out of Oakland CA. Their tracks are rivaled only by their fashion sense.

RAC (Remix Artists Collective) are four globally dispersed DJs who have actually never met. They take turns remixing everyone you have ever loved (and then some). You will be hearing a lot of their jams in the future.

Wallpaper. on MySpace
RAC frontman/founder Andre on Fairtilizer (go get a taste)