[STREAM] Van She – “Idea Of Happiness”

Van She along with Cut Copy were almost single (or double) handedly responsible for my absolute obsession with the Australian music scene.  Then, only to grow my infatuation with the bands from down under- came along PNAU, Empire Of The Sun, Bag Raiders, The Presets, Strange Talk, Ladyhawke and so many more.  Thats right, over any other country in the world, I dig Aussie tunes.   And let me tell you, I’ve been waiting patiently for a ridiculously long time for Van She to release a new album.  So, finally, here we have it, the first (and title) track from Van She’s forthcoming album, out on Modular July 6 (AUS) / 9 (EU/UK) / 10 (USA).  Is it my favorite track by my Aussie friends?  No, but it does show that at the very least they still are capable of creating quality, catchy and danceable music- which only feeds my excitement for their new record.  They still have it!

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Van She spreads the V


dance with me or notice someone else

Van She – Strangers

Van She’s “Strangers” has been rocking my ass for quite a while now but only recently did I get my lazy ass over to eMusic and pick up V, the LP it comes from. The bass-line and xylophone combo on “Stangers” is enough to get anyone interested in what these Aussies have to offer. While the full album is maybe not as solid as the artwork (is that a full 90 degrees? Impressive.), this next track has sunk it little aussie teeth in.

Van She – It Could Be The Same

“It Could Be The Same” starts slow and spazzy but quickly smoothes itself into a propulsive head-bobber with that familiar bass from “Strangers.” Add a dollop of rhythmic but laid-back vocals and I’m on board.

For those of you hankering for your Monday installment of CvrUpYrRmx I ‘aint forgots aboutcha. Due to the time-devouring monster that is layout renovations you will have to settle for just the “Rmx” part.

Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech remix)

Van She Tech are the remixing arm of Van She and while it in unclear exactly how the two are connected I’m not gonna stress over it. They have remixed Ladyhawke and Empire Of The Sun as well and it’s all good. This one is harder to find these days so if you dig go searching for the others.

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