Mesa Luna – “Church Garden”

Close your eyes and listen. Do you hear that? No, its not just the sound of the weekend approaching. Listen closer than that. Its the sound of the floor beneath you… slowly getting farther away. The echoes take a hair longer to come back to your ears until eventually you cant hear them at all and only Mesa Luna fills your head. Its a great place to be. Keep you eyes closed a bit longer and enjoy.  Read more

On Planets – “Spectacle” Ft. Maddie Duke

“Spectacle” is a beautifully weird collection of sonic bursts and burps that set the ever evolving stage for Maddie Duke’s fragile yet forceful voice to dance and weave through. The kind of song you should only listen to with headphones if you are fully ready to be consumed.

Spectacle Ft. Maddie Duke


Music for… drunkenly bringing an empty coffee tin and a weird hat to the club. The hat is just to help you get loose. The coffee tin is for singing your woes into as you dance along to the fuzzed out electronic funk of Humans. Bonus points if you get a caffeine buzz off the fumes.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Future: New album Noontide dropped yesterday.

Tobias Jesso Jr – “True Love”

Sounds like… the tenderest moment you have ever had set to the tenderest striped back piano melody sung by a voice that you could have sworn was the one in your head. Its a beautiful thing that strikes you right in the heart.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Future: Debut album Goon is out next month but get into the slightlier more fleshed out, but no less heartbreaking, “How Could You Babe” below. And take a gander at 6’7″ Tobias.

The Zolas – “Invisible”

Music for… letting out all that pent up #tgif energy and tackling the weekend full on. All kinds of guitars and momentum for really letting loose! Don’t forget to dip back into older Zolas for a good time.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Future: Nothing new lined up. This song is from a year ago but I just found out about it.

[PREMIERE] Germany Germany – “On Your Own” + “1978”

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year then with new Germany Germany! The dancey, spacey, synthy, and magical sounds of Vancouver’s Drew Harris have been longtime favorites of mine so it’s an honor to premiere “On Your Own.” This jam opens Germany Germany’s new album Reconnect which comes out tomorrow. “On Your Own” is a gorgeous belnd of elastic throwback synthesizers and grinding guitar licks that whip up a groove perfect for partying, driving, dancing, or just reflecting on that last year. However you spend New Year’s Eve, spend it with some Germany Germany.

BONUS: I just got word I can include the dance party monster “1978” here too. For part of the night after the ball drop when everyone is 3 sheets and ready to get weird! Get weird!

[MP3] iamforest – “Armies and Air Raids”

Vancouver’s iamforest (Luke Hartle) follows up March’s “Structures” with a brand new EP of his pulsing electronic movement music. Luke is proving himself on the level of other beat geniuses Tycho, and Odesza and I can’t wait to see this guy get some more love. Get into “Armies and Air Raids” for its looping beat and fantastic tension. Then spread the whole free EP far and wide!

IAMFOREST – “Structures”

IAMFOREST - Structures

i don’t wanna, i don’t wanna

From those first notes of plucky guitar I was immediately intrigued. Once the drum machine comes in it was irresistible. Now, a handful of listens later, I can share this chilled out groover with you all. Iamforest, a.k.a. Vancouver’s Luke Hartle, just put out a 3 song EP of more tracks the other day so grab those too and let your Sunday be as smooth as ever.