[MP3] The Zolas – “Knot in My Heart” & “Observatory”

its hard and weird not to know how your day begins when  lying next to someone new

♫ The Zolas – Knot in My Heart

  • Who: Zachary Gray, Tom Dobrzanski (Polish!)
  • What: Indie groove rock, like Generationals, Twin Shadow, The Griswolds
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook
  • When: Buy LP Ancient Mars now.
  • Why: DO NOT confuse these guys with The Zutons! That would be unfortunate. I would know. After writing them off for too long because of their name I am now fully on their bandwagon and putting in work to make up for my mistakes. Kids, make better choices. The Zolas make simple sounds sound like super sound with their groovy indie stylings that stick in your head like a crossbow bolt (yeah, finally saw Hunger Games…). I want to tell you about how these songs are different but share a common quality but I’m too busy going to buy their album so sorrrry!

[MP3] Bear Mountain – “Two Step”


♫ Bear Mountain – Two Step

It makes me happy to know that Vancouver’s Bear Mountain is out there in the world making music. The places they are going with these sounds are definitely less-trodden ground and much like Sky White Tiger I can’t think of many bands to properly compare them to. The artwork for their latest EP xo kinda does the best job. Understated landscape groove rock. With a dash of dub for the kids. Buy it for the music. Keep it around to hang on your wall.

[EP/VIDEO] Humans – TRAPS (w/ “De Ciel”)

i will never know and i will never show 

♫ Humans – De Ciel

  • Who: Peter & Robbie
  • What: Weirdo beat grooves, like LCD Soundsystem, Black Light DInner Party, Digits
  • Where: Vancouver, Canada + Facebook
  • When: The Traps EP is out.
  • Why: Did I mention that Humans kicked ass live on Thursday? I did? Good. Thats important. What’s also important is their new EP Traps which is full of the kind of loopy grooves and beats that I fell in love with on “Avec Mes Mecs.” Robbie’s voice wraps it all together into gloriously delicate and mesmerizing package. “De Ciel” bumps and pops straight into my core, igniting limb movement right off the bat. “Possession” is a big “oooh ooh” sing along number that dabbles in cowbell and stutter beats. The video for “Horizon” (below) is fine example of the band’s sensibilities. A blend of the serious and silly. Even though the songs are not overtly goofy I’ve seen few other bands have more giddy fun playing music than these two.

[MP3] Teen Daze – “Let’s Groove”

it is on tonight

♫ Teen Daze – Let’s Groove

  • Who: A guy named Jamison
  • What: Big fun dance party electro, kinda like Digitalism, Browska, Bastille
  • Where: Vancouver, BC + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: This is a one-off jam for the new year. Previous EPs are out.
  • Why: Teen Daze has previously focused more on the second word in his name and that kind of misty fog pop isn’t always my thing. Apparently 2012 has got the guy honing in on the horny and sugar addled side of his name for this epic party jam. Love it.

[LP] Humans – AVEC MES MECS (w/ “Bike Home”)

i can feel it in my feet

♫ Humans – Bike Home

Reading my post on Humans’s awesome track “Avec Mes Mecs” from last year I realized I pretty much said it all already. (Plus I realized I may have gotten less funny this year. Sad…) So what if their debut EP is a year old now, its time to put some more spotlights on one of Vancouver’s finest! Since I last wrote about them, the duo has produced a fun video for “Aec Mes Mecs” as well as a brilliant video for one of two new tracks, “THE END” (below). So I finally got off my lazy ass and bought that EP and have been grooving ever since. Nothing is as epic as “Avec Mes Mecs” but you can hear plenty of genetically strong seedlings filling with audio chlorophyll. Tracks vary in vibes from the bendy funk bass fest of “Witness” to the indie rock chant along of “Mon Ton Ton” to the swirling build of “Bike Home” (above). Taking these jams and adding it to the evolution shown in the two new tracks (below) I am getting great feelings about these guys. Go Humans! Read more

[EP] FREEDOM OR DEATH slide INSIDE THIS blog’s speakers, filling and already CROWDED ROOM with beauty

but i don’t want to be told when it’s old and there’s nowhere to go

♫ Freedom or Death – Inside

Because when that summer sun goes down you still need something with some shadows to keep you company until the next dawn. Now I know that sounds like the tagline to a Twilight movie but it’s actually my pitch for Freedom or Death. Bear with me. Or rather, bear with “Inside,” a song that creeps and slinks with pattering percussion and a solid central beat. Throw those smooth vocals on top and you’ve got a bit of throwback synth mixed with that modern indie darkness vibe. Their 2nd EP EGO is full of these smoothly blended sounds that drift and hum their way into your head.

♫ Freedom or Death – This Crowded Room

Following “Inside” on EGO is “This Crowded Room,” a song that takes it’s time to build, slowing blossoming into a beautiful and catchy jam that tastes like a smoothie of Miike Snow, TV on The Radio, and The xx. This obviously firmly plants this Vancouver duo on my radar. EGO is out now. Act accordingly.

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