Violet Sands – “Hello, I’m Free” // Katie Neece

Hold up, I think the ever eclectic Violet Sands just released my new favorite track of theirs. I’m gonna have to listen on repeat 7 or 8 ore times to full decide though… Pardon me.

“Hello, I’m Free” is about letting go, it’s about the modern imperative not to get lost in a world of distractions.

“Hello, I’m Free” is up there with “No Matter What” which was also featured on Vinyl Moon Volume 011.

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VIOLET SANDS slowly fill an AIRY room with soft grooves that would calm a tense CANARY

From the Strange Attractor EP available now: iTunes / Spotify. Definitely get into it.

Previously on TBE: Violet Sands

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Violet Sands – “No Matter What”

Time to saddle up your stallion and carbo-load your dragon cause its the freakin’ weekend and you got some miles to cover. Slap “No Matter What” on your road/trail/sky-trip playlist and pull those shades down over your eyes.  Read more