[EP] VONNEGUTT may have a BRIGHT future right before our EYES

and come to think about it, i didn’t even catch her name

♫ Vonnegutt – Bright Eyes

By now you should all be well acquainted with Big Boi’s “Follow Us,” a romping jam that features a huge chorus by fellow ATLiens Vonnegutt. How Sir Luscious connected with these dudes is unsure but their addition to that jam left me curious about their sound. Turns out they have already released the 3-track The Appetizer EP and have a full length in the works. The real surprise, however, was that their “big single” is a nice slab of party pie. “Bright Eyes” toys with all kinds of 90s rap/rock tropes that would be easy to crap on, but once you get past the past, it’s got a great guitar swing and some big hooks. The rest of the EP doesn’t hold up as well so only time will tell what side of the fence these guys end up landing on but in the meantime this jam will add a little pep to my step as I cruise to work.

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