Wankelmut & Emma-Louise – “My Head Is A Jungle “

Wankelmut & Emma-Louise - My Head Is A Jungle

Remember Wankelmut from his head turning “One Day” remix? Well the German newbie is back with an original track that simmers and funks in all the right ways. If you got into the full version of his “One Day” remix you’ll know that he likes to tease before he delivers. Things don’t fully kick off for a few minutes but by then the mood is set so right you are ready. Think of it as candles and soft music on a date. By the time Emma Louise’s voice comes across the table I’m ready to skip right to dessert.

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Man oh man. Could we be in a better world for fun remixes of great songs? Some of the old guard has been slacking in quality lately (RAC, where you at?) but new talent is cropping up in droves. Cyril Hahn practically made his name from that Destiny’s Child remix. Noah Hyde is on the map with amazing work. Manu el Chino nabs his second spot of 2012. Too many great tracks. Get on it for the weekend and check out all the bands and remixers you may have missed through the years. And especially listen to that Years & Years remix. What a genre flip. Mmmm…..

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[Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler]

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