Adam Snow – “Amelia’s Theme”

Sounds like… the meditative chant to get through some of those longer Holiday moments with the family, friends, or just not-your-couch. Soothing in all the right ways. Close your eyes and drift back to where you want to be.

Location: Washington DC and Denver, CO

Future: Keep an eye out for more originals but Adam also does production for Lil B, Tayyib Ali, GLC, Nickelus F, etc.

[MP3] Misun – “Harlot” & “Met You”

Misun - Harlot

she’s got a lot of attention in her eyes, and the way that she might look at you could turn you into ice

If I hadn’t read it myself I wouldn’t guess that these tracks are both by Misun. Even both produced by Mad Decent’s Nacey. “Harlot” is a stripped back funk jammer with a slight hip hop vibe sliding under lead singer Misun Wojcik’s punchy vintage vocals. Its been unbeatable in my iTunes lately. In prepping this post I discovered the throwback disco leaning “Met You” that was tailor made for dayglo and big hair. The grooves are big, cheesy and wonderful and Misun’s vocals take on an alternate reality. Plus a guest sax solo by Sammy Bananas. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to see where Misun goes from here.

[STREAM] Pleasurekraft – “Carny” & “Tarantula”

  • Who: Kalle & Kaveh
  • What: Goof/tech-house, like Joe & Will Ask?, Portasound, NoteOn
  • Where: Stockholm & Washington D.C. + Facebook
  • When: Singles and remixes for now.
  • Why: EDM is definitely not my forte nor passion but every once in a while a group comes along that tickles my fancy. One listen to “Carny” and I think you will understand why. Pleasurekraft inject a sense of humor into the track’s big bouncing beat that makes me smile every time I hear it. Not an easy feat without lyrics. “Tarantula” may seem like a moderately funky and chilled out tech-house jam at first but hold on until past the 3 minute mark and the song takes a left turn into truly memorable territory. Aaaaand I’m hooked. And a bit scared…