Waterstrider – “Frayed”

Another great jam from TBE faves Waterstrider! Perfect for opening the door from your mind and stepping out into the breezy unknown. Eyes closed, ears open, and fingers dancing to the delicate percussion that lifts you along.  Read more

Waterstrider – “Nowhere Now”

In the hurricane
of love and hate
I still remain

“Nowhere Now” is the title track of Waterstrider’s upcoming album to be released on April 6th. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp and get this song along with three others upon purchase.

Nowhere Now

Waterstrider – “White Light”

Music for… fans of the last Waterstrider jam we posted, and fans of Nate Salman’s solo grooves, and fans of an alternate reality where Local Natives and Alt-J got high together a lot and made music.

Location: Oakland, CA

Future: open your mind

Waterstrider – “Redwood”

[soundcloud id=’132740150′]

Oakland’s Waterstrider sound damn good on their latest track “Redwood”. Indie rock for jungle hikes and sunsets in the sand. Jittery like good coffee in a coconut mug.