[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 6.29.2013


Boom! Another collection of eye wrinkling weirdness passed off as music videos. You know I don’t like em unless they have some meat in em. I say that metaphorically but two of this weeks videos have meat of some kind… Robin Thicke’s ubiquitous sex jam has an even sexier NSFW unrated video you need to be watching. Plus Wavves has actual animal flesh. Mayer Hawthorne just has actual animals. Acting like people. Story of the Running Wolf has people acting like mythical creatures. And J.views has dancing and levitating. Get weird! Read more

Music Video Roundup – 04.10.2013 [Yacht, Wavves, Poolside, A$AP Rocky, Yeah Yeah Yeahs]

Music-Video-RoundupGAAAAHHH!!! Hot damn, its been too long! These server issues keeping TBE down is like being held under wtaer. I cant share music means I can’t breathe. And the hits don’t stop coming! SO many videos to share. Stay tuned over the next few days.

Yacht – “Second Summer”

Never got, or got into, these guys but this track and it’s accompanying visual mind bender are a Read more

Big Boi – “C.P.U.” ft Phantogram + “Shoes For Running” ft. Wavves & B.o.B

Big Boi Dangerous

as i scroll through the centerfolds, wishing that the screen was three-dimensional, i know it doesn’t seem too conventional, but it’ll do until i get you in the physical

If you are one of the many who pretty much ignored Big Boi’s latest album then I’ve gotta draw your attention to these two tracks. Most of the rest is just a depressing reminder that Vicious Lies is definitely not Sir Lucious Leftfoot 2. Who ever knows why these follow ups often fall off so hard. I do know that Phantogram steams up the glass on slippery sex-jam “C.P.U.” and Wavves’ garage scruff is an awesome addition to “Shoes For Running.” Add on “She Hates Me” and “She Said OK” and Big Boi could have had an airtight gold medal EP. Guaranteed nobody needs all 17 tracks here.

The Best Albums of 2010 (LPs, Eps, & Honorable Mentions)

Oh 2010, what a year you were. Not only were you The Burning Ear’s first full calendar year, but you bombarded us with so much amazing music. Great albums from old favorites, fresh faces, and even genres we didn’t even knew we liked. Thanks 2010. You were awesome and we won’t forget you. Cheers to Read more

[MIX] A Burning Ear Christmas 2010 – Three Servings of Cheer

It’s only a week until Christmas!!

This years mix almost didn’t happen because I thought I wouldn’t have time to dig up good tracks but then they just started popping up and a lot of them were very cool. I grabbed the best and threw them together here for a holiday mix in three parts. First get funky with the dance party starters then slip into some original X-mas tunes by artists old and new and close it off with some reworked classics. I hope you all enjoy these jams and have yourselves a kick ass holiday season!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Germany Germany – Christmas (Daft Punk vs. Shark Attack vs. Jingle Bells)

Read more

WAVVES emerges as KING OF rocking jams i want to crank at THE BEACH

won’t you hold my hand, in my time of need, won’t you understand

♫ Wavves – King of the Beach

After being thoroughly confused as to how anyone could enjoy last year’s breakout Wavves hit “So Bored,” I am left pleasantly surprised to be really digging his new album. For the recently released King Of The Beach, Wavves’ Nathan Williams took on 2 more members and connected with a new producer who pushed the band into cleaner production waters. The result is a collection of 12 raw and rowdy rock jams that are as catchy as they are fresh. Williams’ vocals are finally audible and his voice ‘aint half bad, especially when he’s wailing over the guitar shredding, finger snapppin, head banging goodness of “King Of The Beach.” It’s the perfect soundtrack for kicking sand into nerds’ faces! (Not actually recommended.) This jam definitely belongs on TBE’s Summer In Hi-Fi mix so add it on or just replace your least favorite track! Just get it cranked!

♫ Wavves – Post Acid

Listening to the rest of the album for the 6th time I am still impressed with how much I am enjoying these tightly wound garage rock surf jams. The dude really stepped up his game! “Post Acid” and it’s super bouncy rhythm is another gem from the album that is instantly sing-along-able. Other favorites are “Take On The World” and “Green Eyes” but I generally have been listening to the whole thing straight through. With most of the the tracks clocking in under 3 minutes, King Of The Beach a brisk affair that leaves me wanting to spin it again right away. If you can find any joy in these jams then I highly recommend it! (This interview with Williams is worth a read for some of the man behind the music.) I am definitely glad that I didn’t write Wavves off and let all the good reviews talk me into giving him a second chance.

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