[EP] WAYLAYERS crank it out with BIG MACHINES

oh we ran away, up to those concrete trees

♫ Waylayers – Big Machines

Waylayers spin swirly synth n’ guitar indie dance that isn’t flipping any scripts but definitely get my feet and hips shuffling. “Big Machines” is the top jam off their debut EP “Weightless” and nicely blends street level beats with cloud-level vocals, making it easy to lose yourself in the music. All 5 tracks are propulsive electro groovers, prime for dragging you out of the Monday doldrums. The whole Weightless EP used to be free on their website and hopefully it will return but in the meantime you can stream it here. The guys from London also had their track “Fires” on the recent Kitsune Maison, Volume 10.

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