The Best Party Songs of 2011

Yes! In time for NYE! This is my favorite year-end list to make because its obviously the most fun. And I give it the generic cialis drugs usa least amount of stress. Read on for Read more

[MIX] TBE Presents: The 2011 Summer Mega-Mix!

Cover Art by DARTS

I don’t wanna hear one peep about how “summer is almost over!” or “but it’s not even sunny where I am” or “this mix is late” or “my eyes are melting from that album art.” Summer is a frame of mind and buy cialis professional price TBE is about to whip yours into shape! Now that you have grown tired of your own summer mix as well as all the ones that other blogs put out months ago, it’s time to get the summer mix to not only end all summer mixes, but to end summer itself! (Except thats not even true because I have a specially themed bonus summer mix for next week! Stay tuned…) The Burning Ear 2011 Summer Mega-Mix has something for everyone and happens in a few different waves so it’s best listened to in order.

So smooth out those short shorts, dust off those cocktail umbrellas, slide those shades up on the nose, and feel the warm breeze between your sandy toes because this mix is about to start with a bang. And did I mention that album art courtesy of DARTS? I can’t even count the number of awesome things going on. There is at least one for each of the 19 jams happening below. Read more

[MP3] WEATHERHOUSE may replace DIAMONDS as a girl’s best friend

let no one tell you that you’re not the great britain tablets cialis brand one

♫ Weatherhouse – Diamonds

With opening notes that smack of Radiohead, “diamonds” quickly opens the back door and let’s the funk dog back in the house. “Diamond’s is body music. For clapping those hands, dipping those hips, and shuffling those feet. It may not get you to break a sweat, but with the right cocktail in hand, you may just get the feeling that you are pretty boss. And yes, you are. And yes, that hottie over there is looking at you. And yes, you should totally go up and say something devastatingly witty. And yes, you should use protection.

Weatherhouse is the perfectly named ‘Calo-Disco’ project of two musical minds holding down forts in Los Angeles and San Francisco. While their new genre name may not end the Nor-Cal/So-Cal rivalry, the kind of lovemaking it inspires just might. Their debut LP E Pluribus Calo Disco drops March 1st and may bring with it an early Spring.

Their stamp at Bandcamp /// Amazon too