[LP] ALLO DARLIN has me DREAMING with THE texture of a POLAROID when i hear this SONG

i was surprised by how happy i was, don’t ask why, it’s just because

♫ Allo Darlin’ – Dreaming

Elizabeth Morris moved from Australia to London in 2005 and started making music under the name The Darlins. One name change, a couple new members, and over 5 years later and I finally stumble across Allo Darlin’ self-titled debut. The LP came out last summer and that certainly would have been a perfect time to soak in these sunny and sweet jams. Call it twee if you must, but these simple and heartfelt tracks feel more significant than that “genre” implies. “Dreaming” makes me want to do the twist and do cartwheels at the same time, a sure recipe for a compound fracture. Something about that boy/girl vocals that makes great love-pop songs even better (see: Slow Club).

♫ Allo Darlin – The Polaroid Song

“The Polaroid Song” packs perfect twang, tight bounce, and some cottony “oooh, ooohhh”s into a little dance package that screams top-dropped road trip up the coast. If only, right? Other album standouts are awesomely Weezer-referencing “Kiss Your Lips,” the tender “Let’s Go Swimming,” and the empowered “My Heart Is A Drummer,” but really the whole thing is a swell affair. Maybe not “Woody Allen” so much but that’s kinda what you get when you write a song that makes me think of… well, Woody Allen. So kick your shoes off, crank up the stereo, and start busting all those moves you picked up from Jack Rabbit Slims’ dance-off and old episodes of Happy Days.

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TBE Digest 12 – 8.25.10 [Civil Civic, The Knocks, Wale, Pete Yorn, Weezer, Passion Pit, …]

A month away from high speed internet will do a lot to a man so while I readjust myself to city living let me drop this round of Digest jams on you. Some of them aren’t the most timely but thankfully you understand. Some great tracks in here! Nice to see new freshness from Civil Civic, Young Empires, and The Knocks. Plus Passion Pit cover Smashing Pumpkins? Hot dog! Rock on and drop a thought in the comments!

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♫ Civil Civic – Run Overdrive / One of the year’s best EPs gets followed up by this rollicking single which is B-sided by a track called “Fuck Youth.” Read more

TBE Digest 11 – 6.28.2010 [Klaxons, Local Natives, Of Montreal, Brandon Flowers, !!!, …]

Yo! Here is a bunch of stuff you might be interested in hearing/downloading/jamming to/raising an eyebrow at! Your options are basically limitless!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ Klaxons – Flashover / Klaxons’ massively acclaimed 2007 debut never struck a chord with me but now that I have been revisiting it I am realizing I missed out on an awesome album. This new track of theirs isn’t getting me as hyped as I am for their old stuff but who knows what will happen when I hear all of forthcoming Surfing The Void.

♫ Bodega Girls – We Are Losers / Read more

Due Diligence – Vol I {11/5/09} /// DEBUT!!


We live in a world with a lot of musical debate and discourse. Too much, even. My aim with TBE is to be like good pair of Bose headphones and filter out that static, bringing you only the best sounds. With that said, I come across a lot of tracks that are highly anticipated, or getting hyped out the ass, but in the end are just not very good? You should know they exists but probably don’t want them diluting the fountain of magical regular posts, right? What am I supposed to do? Well, like any good maniacal despot, I take off my pants, crack a few brews, and get to scheming. My result may be less intimidating than Kim Jong Il’s inner thigh, but I think you will find it more palatable. Welcome to a feature that until seconds ago was titled “Duty VS. Doodie” (I’m not ruling it out) and will periodically recap recent hype-nuggets, for whatever they are worth. Like Kim Jong* said after standing up and grabbing a fresh sixer, “Let’s do this bitch!”

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« Pre-Milennial Flashback « Homie – American Girls


you got the look in your eye, you smack my butt

Homie – American Girls / 1998

As I gear up to head state-side I am reminded of this classic track by Rivers Cuomo’s one-off side project Homie for the Meet The Deedles soundtrack. I never saw the movie but this song sure got a lot of play back in the day and it makes perfect packing music today. There not much else to say so just kick back, enjoy, and begin the debate over the lyrics’ merits. Hit up Wikipedia if you really want the nitty gritty on the “band.”

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