Wet Leather – “Party” // Art: Seth Bogart

New ripper from our favorite crew of sweaty party dudes in Brooklyn. When you dry your own brow, get into more Wet Leather on Vinyl Moon.

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[PREMIERE] Wet Leather – “I Was Wrong” & “IWMU”

Wet Leather‘s latest track is made for gazing at lights from a disco ball from the edge of the party. You tap your feet and sway your hips, but you’re far too sad/morose/shy/cool/awkward to get on the floor. Instead, you watch the shuffling swing of the drums and the Prince-inspired guitar licks light up the rest of the dance circle. You mouth along with the lyrics, “I’m in love for the last time, I never want to do that again” as the lights flare up with the stargazing synths. But then you catch someone’s eye – did they just wink at you? And suddenly your friends are at your side, clapping your shoulders and pushing you towards the middle of the room, just in time for you to catch the peak of the final chorus.

We get to catch the rest of the party when Wet Leather drops their new EP, Present Lives, on February 2nd. Until then, keep your spirits high with the first single from the release, “IWMU”.

For even more Wet Leather, throw on “Astral Projection” from VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

Wet Leather – “Yours & Mine”

And then without warning

We both feel so bad in the morning

Wet Leather are right. The morning can turn the nighttime’s ideas on their heads. You look around and wonder how the hell things devolved so quickly. You look at your partner and your head just hurts. So you both reach for some hair of the dog and before you know it…. its morning again…

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Wet Leather – “Shame”

I love Wet Leather for a lot of reasons, but one of the top is their penchant for infusing their indie rock jams with just the right amount of paranoia to keep me looking over my shoulder as I air-drum down the road to “Shame”. The only cure is to turn it up a bit louder. And maybe take cover behind that hill…  Read more

Wet Leather – “Astral Projection” + “Secret Preference” + “Too Serious”

Yes it’s Friday but are are you really acting like it? I have been doing Friday proud for the last hour as I bounce around to these Wet Leather jams cranked loud. A lot of bands I feature only have a track or 2 but Wet Leather have 7 songs over at their Soundcloud for your dirty listening pleasure. Dive in deep and make this catchy-as-hell fuzz rock your official soundtrack to a weekend of bad decisions, poor hygiene, and unfulfilled promises.

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