Orange Drink – “Sleeve Of A Tweed Jacket” // Mister Mourão

Orange Drink lulls you to sleep with a swirling loop of a groove that slowly emerges to be a bit more tense than you anticipated. Like dreaming that you are eating donuts but then realizing that the dream is a loop (donut symbolism!) and you have to eat them forever.

As if to solidify the idea of an endless loop, Orange Drink notes that the “cassette tape sample is a recording of me and my friends from roughly 20 years ago.” Eerie…

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The Living Statues // Andrew Valko

I drove past an old drive-in movie theater last night and it of course made me sad. The Living Statues are the perfect soundtrack for picking myself out of that bummer and setting my mind straight.

I see your silhouette in a cigarette
So I take a hit like I never quit

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