Panama – “I Watched You Slip (Wild & Free Remix)” // Lizzie Lomax

Summer is over but Panama is still grooving with their sun-kissed tune. Wild & Free add their own touch to “Watch me Slip” with eclectic beats that will make you dance the night away.

For more Wild & Free dance party bliss, listen to “Low Pressure” from VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

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Wild & Free — “Moment” // Eric Lefaure

Wild & Free wrote “Moment” as a panacea to the Ghost Ship Fire tragedy, though you’d never expect those origins from such a unshakably positive song. As the bassline intertwines with the duo’s velvet-smooth vocals, there’s not much else to do but find a nearby friend to come join you on the dance floor. Get down with this pick-me-up, then chase it with Wild & Free’s “Low Pressure” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

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Wild & Free – “Life On Jupiter” // Scott Listfield

Making first contact on another planet is gonna be nerve wracking no matter how good an astronaut you are so get your touch-down playlist sorted so your swagger in on point for those first few steps. Cheers to Wild & Free for providing just the right track.

Also check out Wild & Free on VINYL MOON Volume 004 which has some copies left.

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Wild & Free – “River Of Nile”

Nothing better than going on a woodland stroll with the crisp winter air filling your lungs and the steamy sounds of Wild & Free in your ears. Just keep those eyes peeled for any damsels in distress. You are going to want to keep that day bag full of a few snacks for the ensuing adventure…  Read more

Wild & Free – “Low Pressure”

Another smooth jam from Wild & Free for putting on at your next garden party. The perfect motivational soundtrack for getting down in the dirt finally putting some fertilizer on those Aloe Vera plants* because you are gonna them healthy for the sunburn you are going to get from having this on repeat all Summer.

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Wild & Free – “Tropique”

Press play. Float away. Repeat again another day. (Or today. I did. It was cool too)  Read more