Wild Party – “OutRight” + Carousel remix

Music for… people who enjoy big smiles, loose limbs, and friendly mosh pitting. Wild Party are one of the longest loved bands here at TBE and continue to be under appreciated. “OutRight” is just another example of their killer indie-pop prowess off their debut album Phantom Pop. Get into it and then get into Carousel’s remix for a sunnier rump shaking flip on things.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Future: Phantom Pop is out NOW yo.

[PARTY] Blind Date w/ Bryce Vine, Wild Party, 8th Grader, Carlton // 6.25.2014

Blind Date is the finest monthly new music showcase in LA and yes I happen to co-organize it, yes it is turning 21, and yes you will fee stupid if you miss it tonight. We are celebrating our 21st edition with a kick ass lineup of Burning Ear favorites from nearly every genre we love. I’m getting hot just thunking about it.


Blind Date @ Bootleg Bar
9pm  - Carlton
9:45  – 8th Grader
10:30  - Wild Party
11:15 – Bryce Vine
I’ll be spinning between sets. Sweet.


[LIVE] Vacationer, Wild Party, Hellogoodbye // 5.22.2014

I dont know about you, but I feel like its a rare treat to go to a show where you are genuinely stoked for all 3 bands on the lineup (well, except for Blind Date shows but I organize those so…). Well that was the story of my awesome night. The amazing Vacationer sandwiched between up and coming Wild Party (remember them!?) and old school favorites Hellogoodbye.

Wild Party opened

Vacationer absolutely slayed. They played all the classics from Gone and a bunch of fantastic new tracks. Standouts for me were “Shining” off the upcoming LP Relief and “Warmer” available only on “The Wild Life” 7″.

Now I haven’t listened to Hellogoodbye in forever but after seeing them last night I need to catch up! So much energy and the crowd was locked in!

Wild Party – “When I Get Older”

Wild Party - When I Get Older

just know i regret the time i let you pass by, maybe there’s still hope

San Antonio’s Wild Party first rocked us with 2010’s “Life’s Too Short” and it seems like they are luckily looking more towards the future these days with “When I Get Older.” Although, some things haven’t changed. They are still all about unabashed good times, big riffs, catchy choruses, and generally rocking socks. I just wish they were bringing all that to Austin this year. *sniff*…

[MP3] WILD PARTY know that LIFE’S TOO SHORT not to mix business (muffins) and pleasure (pleasure)

if i could only find your purpose i could take control

♫ Wild Party – Life’s Too Short

Speaking of The Killers… Wild Party are coming at us straight from Texas and lead singer Lincoln Kreifels sounds to me like a younger, less uptight Brandon Flowers fronting a band who never bothered to read the synth manual and instead opted for rocking socks in a more booze soaked and traditional way. You want another bonus? Well, the fact that they are currently clocking: 1) 19 MySpace friends, 2) 278 listens on this jam, and 3) I had to break out photoshop to create a proper version of their album art (you know I love my album art!) makes them about as fresh at a hot baked chocolate muffin that burns the top of your mouth and makes you squeal awkward noises that could easily be mistaken for bedroom vocals. Confused? What I am trying to say is that these guys are easily as good as chocolate muffins or sex. Or even both combined! But try that shit at your own risk.

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