[#20-1] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

Well folks, this is it. The moment you have all been waiting for since I foolishly started this multipart post during SXSW. Make sure you have read Part 1 (60-41) and Part 2 (40-21) before diving into these jams. But without further ado, I present the top 20 Best Underrated Songs of the past 6 years. Listen to them closely and frequently. They deserve the love.  Read more

Wildlife – ON THE HEART (w/ “Bad Dream”)

Wildlife - On The Heart

TBE faves Wildlife released a sophomore album a few months back and it got lost in the shuffle. Don’t suffer from my mistakes! Get on these jams ASAP. These guys somehow craft the best straight up indie rock n roll songs and never get enough love! “Bad Dream” is a great start. The whole album is a better finish.

The 20 Best ALBUMS of 2011

We all know I hate Best of Lists that come out before the year is over so nearly 4 weeks into 2012 I finally present my best albums of 2011! (Still a day faster than last year!) Below are the top 10 albums from my 2011 followed by 10 honorable mentions. The list was compiled by weighing total play counts along with longevity. Not only did I Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2011 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

The best of the best… so far. My list ordering is always fast and loose so don’t sweat the numbers too much. For more on any of these artists use the tags links at the bottom of the post. Read on and rock out!

25 – ♫ Baby Monster – Mr. Success / These guys snuck in with a jam that just kept getting better with each listen. Oooooh ooooo ooooo!

24 – ♫ The Weeknd – House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls / Dark, dirty, and not for public consumption. But damn if I can’t get enough.

23 – ♫ Motopony – King of Diamonds / Should be higher up on the list but with another Motopony track below I am basically sneaking this track in. An amazing song.

22 – ♫ Vacationer – Trip / A love song written by Read more

[LP] WILDLIFE STAND apart IN THE world of indie bands full of WATER. They are full of MATCHES.

i can be a good friend and i can be a good lover but i can’t do both of them

♫ Wildlife – Stand in the Water

It happens every year. Just as you are wrapping up your Best Albums list you stumble on that album that flew under your radar and is suddenly now blanket bombing your ears with explosive jams that you can’t stop listening to. This year’s assault comes courtesy of Wildlife and their debut LP Strike Hard, Young Diamond. Well, assault isn’t really the right word. More like an enthusiastic invitation to join them on a day trip to the beach of huge hooks, bask under the glowing sun of good vibes and occasionally jump into the ocean of catchy sing-alongs. Damn, that’s kind of a confusing analogy. Good thing they put a helpful visual on their album art. Although all the people dancing and moshing to the band must be just out of frame.

“Stand in the Water” kicks off Strike Hard and I can’t remember the last time I heard such a perfect opening track. It starts off innocent enough, just a light acoustic guitar strumming away, and then things start to build. More guitar. The urgent vocals. The huge drums. The right on “oooohhh”s. Before you know it the whole thing has comes in like the tide and you are singing along so hard that you don’t even notice that your pants are soaked in sea water and the sand crabs are rocking out too.

♫ Wildlife – Matches

Everything continues on point through the rest of the album as Wildlife tackle floor stompers (“When I Get Home”), tender soul baring (“Drunken Heart,” “American Eyes,” “Killing For Fun”),  and rousing anthems (“Sea Dreamer,” “Move To The City”) with equal panache. But it’s “Matches” that somehow edges slightly above the rest for me (not an easy feat. Tough playing field!). There is something so classic in it’s execution but paired with Wildlife’s unique vocal delivery and on-point grooves it takes things to a great new level. Something familiar and fresh all in one. I guess that’s what Wildlife are all about, really. I dig it.

Grab Strike Hard, Young Diamond at their Bandcamp for only 9 Canadian dollars! In American dollars that’s only like… well… the same really. Either way, it’s damn worth it. Well done, ya hosers.

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