Wonderful Humans – “Don’t You”

If you are currently feeling sleepy I wouldn’t recommend listening to “Don’t You” as you fall asleep because dancing horns and come-on vocals will surely trigger lusty dreams of cloned island vixens that could possibly alter the fabric of your reality so that when you wake up you may actually be irresistible to ladies. And that just sounds like a lot of responsibility to wake up to.  Read more

Wonderful Humans – “Just What I Needed”

Sounds like… tropical pop for defying the freezing weather and letting giddy emotion keep you warm. A solo dance party a day keep the cold feet away!

Location: NYC, NY

Future: An EP coming soon. I’ve heard it and its great so stay tuned…

[PREMIERE] Wonderful Humans – “Worth Your While”

Music for… floating up and away into the clouds where you can sing along at full volume with the birds and the wind. Love is in the air and hot damn you are swirling in it. Wonderful Humans started this romance in “Edge Of The Night” and now things have gone to the next level. I have no idea if the subjects of both songs are the same but I’m loving this indie-pop opera unfolding at top volume.

Location: NYC, NY

Future: Since they only have 2 songs out so far lets dive into their world more with their playlist for WFNM.

Wonderful Humans – “Edge of the Night”

Sounds like… summer love set to a montage of roller coasters, shared malts with two straws, popcorn at the movies, attempts at surfing, long lines for outdoor concerts, and other things super hip kids do these days.

Location: NYC

Future: A breakup. Some tears. More malts. More love. Then hopefully a 2nd song from Wonderful Humans.