Woolf And The Wondershow – “Cloaked” (That’s Nice Remix)

You know its going to be a tough Monday when you start the day with a morning paper that just can’t keep your focus as your mind wanders through hypercolor visions of the weekend’s events, revealing only fragments of the things you remember but a lot of things you aren’t certain ever happened. Who is doing the storytelling here? You? Me? The newspaper? Or have Woolf and That’s Nice just highjacked us and we have to go along with the ride?  Read more

Woolf and the Wondershow – “Cloaked”

“Cloaked” is one of those songs that grabs you and speaks right into your ear. Its for everyone in its own unique way. It’s a fighting song for people who would rather dance. A marching song for people armed with fun hats. A driving song for people with ice cream trucks converted into mobile discos. A lovers anthem for people smitten by solitary adventure.