Work Drugs – “Digital Girl”

I haven’t heard from Philadelphia’s Work Drugs since their underrated 2011 jam “Rad Racer” soundtracked that summer! “Digital Girl” is a nice evolution for the band and I’m stoked about the direction they are headed. This is some fun and catchy groove-pop. Even newer jam “West Coast Slide” is more goodness too!

[MIX] TBE Presents: The 2011 Summer Mega-Mix!

Cover Art by DARTS

I don’t wanna hear one peep about how “summer is almost over!” or “but it’s not even sunny where I am” or “this mix is late” or “my eyes are melting from that album art.” Summer is a frame of mind and TBE is about to whip yours into shape! Now that you have grown tired of your own summer mix as well as all the ones that other blogs put out months ago, it’s time to get the summer mix to not only end all summer mixes, but to end summer itself! (Except thats not even true because I have a specially themed bonus summer mix for next week! Stay tuned…) The Burning Ear 2011 Summer Mega-Mix has something for everyone and happens in a few different waves so it’s best listened to in order.

So smooth out those short shorts, dust off those cocktail umbrellas, slide those shades up on the nose, and feel the warm breeze between your sandy toes because this mix is about to start with a bang. And did I mention that album art courtesy of DARTS? I can’t even count the number of awesome things going on. There is at least one for each of the 19 jams happening below. Read more

[MP3] WORK DRUGS have a pretty RAD song that is a RACER to my list of chill favorites

’cause the city is lonely when we’re not strong enough

♫ Work Drugs – Rad Racer

Work Drugs described their sound to me as “a few parts chillwave… a few parts indie pop… and several parts smooth sailin’ / yacht rock.” If you are listening to “Rad Racer” then you’ll know they pretty much nailed it. Both the song and the description. Soft handclaps, hushed vocals, and sparkling guitars blend at each others seams like waves sliding up a sunset-drenched beach. Calmly appropriate for Sunday listening but with enough pep to keep the post-weekend blues at bay. Get more mp3 goodness from Philadelphia’s Work Drugs at their Soundcloud.

Bury your face in the Soundcloud /// Amazon too