X Ambassadors – “Unsteady” + “Free & Lonely”

It’s been a long 2 years for the band called Ambassadors that we fell in love with at our 2012 SXSW showcase. The NoteOn remix of their mega jam “Unconsolable” ended up topping our list of the years best remixes, they then added an X to their name, and recently collaborated with Keljet and The Knocks on some great dance tracks. But all that was just the prelude.

Now we have some proper new X Ambassadors tracks and damn if the main course doesn’t blow those other snacks away. The Reason EP is wall to wall with Sam Harris huge voice and their signature pounding percussion. “Unsteady” picks up where “Unconsolable” left off, beautifully showing off what they can do with the tender side of things, stripping their sound back to those bare X Ambassadors essentials. EP opener “Free & Lonely” is a more raucous affair, perfect for singing/clapping/swaying/air-sax-ing along to. I highly recommend you do all 4 of those when you see them live soon. They are on tour now.

The Knocks – “Comfortable” Ft. X Ambassadors (Solidisco Remix)

“All I see is you and me, dancing in each others company.” Exactly.

The Knocks – “Comfortable” feat. X Ambassadors

[soundcloud id=’130688743′]

Hot damn. The Knocks AND X Ambassadors!? This collaboration is hot just on paper! Two TBE faves teaming up to rock bodies and steam dance floors! Put your drink down gently on that coffee table model lady cause its about to get rowdy! Grab this one on Vinyl through Neon Gold on Feb 18th.

Keljet – “Love Of A Life” ft X Ambassadors

Keljet - Love Of A Life ft X Ambassadors

now put your hand in mine little lover, i’m gonna hold it til its black and blue

Ambassadors have been up to a lot since they earned one of the top remixes of 2012. They changed their name to X Ambassadors and teamed up with Keljet on this fantastic slice of slippery weekend dance funk. A modern love song for the dance floor that belongs on your summer playlist ASAP.