Yeo – “Restless”

Yeo – “Wannabe Feat. Take Your Time” // Robert Bowen

I don’t want your lovin

Cuz I got my own

Yeo just wants to be a superstar – can someone let him know that we’re trying to help? We’re celebrating each funky touch in “Wannabe”, shouting it from the rooftops, sending it through every aux cord handed our way. We’re lip-synching every line and choreographing full routines to follow that stop-start bass. We just hope he remembers us once he’s huge.

Speaking of remembering – when was the last time you listened to “Frost” off VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows?

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Yeo – “Chasing Shadows feat. Fractures” // Cafelab

Dance away your sadness with “Chasing Shadows”, a collaboration between two Melbourne-based artists that manages to tap into some serious sadness while still offering plenty for your feet and hips. Self-described as “emo disco”, Fractures’ plaintive vocals are a perfect match for Yeo’s dark-tinged production. A perfect song to make everything around you melt away, leaving you with your own personal thoughts – for better or worse.

For more of Yeo with a few less tears, check out “Frost” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Yeo – “Never Wanted That feat. Asta” // Keith Rankin

You might not expect the slinky bassline or finger-picked guitar on a Yeo song, but those aren’t the only things Asta contributes to this great collaboration with the Melbourne-based producer. Yeo and Asta’s dueling vocals might be the ones who are arguing, but the real winners are us listeners. Hooks and groove a-plenty on this song, which will hopefully be enough to tide us over until Yeo’s next release, Desire Path, out August 18th.

If you need more Yeo before then, I’ll direct you to “Frost” on VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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[PREMIERE] Yeo – “Frost” // Aykut Aydoğdu

When Yeo tells a story you better listen up. “Frost” is that delicately funky kind of love song that traces a relationship’s up and downs with its constantly evolving groove. It keeps me on my toes which is what I love about Yeo and his left-of-center approach. It’s music on his terms. I’ll do the dancing on mine.

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Yeo – “Secret Powers” (feat. Yule Post)

Music forignoring Zane Lowe and recreating your own moments from Drive. Yeo flexes his own secret powers again with this surging and slightly haunting synth groover. Add in Yule Posts great vocal balance, the weirdo sax parts, and the keytar in silhouette in the video and we have ourselves a blowout jam!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Future: B-side “If you Were” is streaming at Soundcloud.

Yeo – “Kobe”

“Kobe” starts out like Tanlines covering Sleigh Bells but quickly makes an evolution into its own magical world of over-caffeinated percussion and spazzy riffs. This is a jam for rocking loud and getting weird. Check out last years excellent “Covered in Gold” but I’m more partial to the unique direction of “Kobe”. More please!