[MP3/VIDEO] You Won’t – “Three Car Garage”

i’ve been brought up clean and organized, i’ve been each december satisfied

♫ You Wont – Three Car Garage

  • Who: Old friends Josh & Raky.
  • What: Spazzy dance folk, like San Cisco, Vampire Weekend, Neutral Milk Hotel
  • Where: Boston + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Debut LP Skeptic Goodbye is out now.
  • Why: You Won’t have been getting buzz for a while but for some reason I convinced myself they weren’t for me. I’m not even sure I heard anything. Once again persistence payed off and while grinning through the zany video for “Three Car Garage” I began regretting things. This kind of hyper kinetic sideways rock is the perfect burst of fresh spring air. Even though it’s from closer to last spring… But better late to the party then not at all! And now to get the rest of their album…

You Won’t – “Three Car Garage” from You Won’t on Vimeo.