Young & Sick – “Letting Go Of Giving Up” + “Sleepyhead” Passion Pit cover // Art: Fang Fu

New Young & Sick jam from his even newer No Static EP… which was promptly followed by his most newest cover of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”. Get loose.

Also, get into the amazing artwork Young & Sick did for Vinyl Moon 031: The Nature Of Inner Space.

Young & Sick – “The Road” // Ran Zheng

The vocal styles in “The Road” are varied, catchy, and perfectly executed. A throwback sound with a modern edge, it manages to be a beautiful dichotomy. A delicious blend of psychedelia and electronic indie pop, this is a track anyone can, and should, enjoy. Young & Sick again manage to make you nostalgic for another time, yet perfectly content with the one you’re currently in.

Young & Sick – “Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)” // Catherine Song

If you think you know what you’re getting from this cover, you might be surprised. TBE favorites Young & Sick give the Fleetwood Mac classic a plinky, modern treatment before an abrupt shift into the funkiest gear halfway through. Suddenly all the things you’re expecting get tweaked, reworked, and grooved out. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Speaking of tweaking and reworking, check out the music video below featured chopped, screwed, mangled, and psych’ed out revisions of the album art from Rumours.

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Young & Sick – “Ojai” // Maciek Jasik

“Ojai” hides introspective, somber lyrics hide amidst party-starting bass and percussion – which is oddly appropriate, with lines such as “Almost alone if it wasn’t for the neon”. Young & Sick balances his skills as a positive pop-smith with heady concepts, and the results give you something to think about while you’re on the dance floor.

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