[MP3] Yournalist – “Fast Lane”

it’s no picnic to read that my life has been nothing but vanity 

♫ Yournalist – Fast Lane

  • Who: Brothers Oskari and Santeri plus Mikko.
  • What: Cowboy indie rock, like Gaslight Anthem, Mona, Cosmo Jarvis
  • Where: Turku, Finland + Facebook
  • When: Debut LP Horror and Terror is out now
  • Why: After last years TBE fave “Nigerian Girl,” Finland’s Yournalist are back and bigger than ever. On “Fast Lane” they’ve traded in tropical for 10-gallon, channeling big American open plains rock. And they have traded well. I haven’t got Horror and Terror yet but this jam gives me a good feeling about it.

[MIX] TBE Presents: The Tropical Assault Summer Mix

Artwork by Jacob Youngblood Ziegler

If the TBE 2011 Summer Mega-Mix taught us anything its that summer isn’t over until we say it is! This Tropical Assault mix is our final battle against the forces of autumn, seemingly lurking at every turn these past months. We will not down with out a fight and thankfully there are 14 finely tuned weapons at our disposal, poised and ready to be unleashed on any ear feeling the slightest bit of frost. So throw back the curtains, turn up the speakers, bask in that fantastic artwork, and let’s take summer by it’s horns.

Whereas the Mega-Mix flowed through genres like a summer’s day’s variety of cocktails, this mix is a more hardened and focused thing, culling the collective forces of all things tropical. Whether it be steel drums, bongos, sunny synths, or just a splash of sea water, these songs share that certain tropical something that has been infecting my ears so much lately. Summer on! Read more

[MP3] Yournalist – “Nigerian Girl”

so the police thought there couldn’t possibly be any other reason anyone would ever be with me

♫ Yournalist – Nigerian Girl

Make sure you’ve got proper SPF with you cause this one brings it’s own sunshine. Close your eyes and you might imagine the fruity drinks, tiki torches, and sand between the toes. But if you listen to the lyrics you may start questioning your imaginary world. Let me tell you, the confusion doesn’t stop there. Besides this fantastic tropical treat being about a skin-bleaching girl from Nigeria who may or may not have actually had feelings for our singer, it also comes to us from Finland. Yes, Finland. Might have to pour another pina colada to mull that one over. I’ll be by the limbo bar trying to get loose.

Yournalist’s EP Slippery and Infected is out now and seems to reveal a slighter goofy side to these Finns that makes “Nigerian Girl” make a lot more sense. Stream another track here.

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