} TBE Digest 10 – 5.29.10 [Hip Hop Roundup!! + Arcade Fire, Mystery Jets, Hot Hot Heat, …]

Another batch of new tracks for y’all. New Arcade Fire has the blogosphere creaming itself and a bunch of other new jams from old bands. It’s been over a year since my last (and first) Hip-Hop Roundup and since I had a bunch of hip-hop(esque) jams accumulating I figured it was high time to unload ’em on you. Anyway, most of the tracks here I am down with so it’s a rather upbeat Digest! Get to it!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

♫ Mystery Jets – Flash a Hungry Smile – The band behind one of my favorite albums of 2008 are back with this kazoo laced jam that while good, isn’t as great as I know they are capable of. I’m waiting for the full album, Serotonin, out July 5th, to make any full judgements.

♫ Arcade Fire – Month Of May / ♫ Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – So Arcade Fire have always been a good band and all but I have never been too into them. So, I guess I am not looking forward to their new album, Suburbs, as much as most but I’m still excited for it. After hearing these new decidedly non-Arcade Fire-esque tracks I’m curious to hear how things turn out on their 3rd LP.

♫ Hot Hot Heat – Zero Results – Hot Hot Heat have always been hit or miss and so far this one is feeling like a miss. It’s got some interesting vibes going on but just doesn’t kick ass. I guess we’ll see when Future Breeds drops on June 8th.

♫ Cavil At Rest – We Could Love – You all know how awesome Local Natives are but you may not have known that they used to be called Cavil At Rest and even put out a few EPs and an LP with early iterations of Local Natives’ jams. I dug this jam out of the recesses of my iTunes and no surprise that it’s a damn pleasure to listen to.

♫ Trouble Andrew – I’m Wasted (feat. Spank Rock and Lil Jon) – I hate to drop this on you right after that beautiful Cavil song but it’s got to be done. Trouble Andrew, Santigold’s BF, and a dude I had misguidedly tipped to be hot in ’09, is putting out an album and apparently this is what it sounds like. Sorry everyone.

♫ Underworld – Scribble (Radio Edit) – Underworld have always been one of the bands that nobody know except people who love them. Well, either way, they’ve got a new album coming out and this is the first single. It certainly has more big-beat/breakbeat/whatever that that Chemical Brothers track did

♫ Marching Band – Out Of Touch – Marching Band are from Sweden and have covered Hall & Oates “Out Of Touch” just in time for us to put it on our poolside/seaside playlists. Ahhh yeah, soak it in.


♫ N.E.R.D. – Hot N’ Fun f. Nelly Furtado – NERD are back with this steamy little bouncer that is tailor made to make people get sexy. Better do what they say! New album Nothing is out in September.

♫ Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Disco (Radio Rip) ft. Daniel Pearce – Dizzee Rascal is back and he has apparently been away at disco school cause he is pretty much grime-free on this bell-bottomed finger snapper. You heard the man, DANCE!

♫ Drake – Over – So if you have been living in a hip-hop free zone recently you may not know that Drake is the next big thing in the rap game and possible the biggest Canadian rapper since Snow. (Luckily he has more flow than our favorite “Informer”) You’ve heard this jam mashed up before but here is the original for posterities sake. A lot of people are super pumped for his debut, Thank Me Later, out June 15.

♫ Yelawolf – Good To Go (feat. Bun B) – Yelawolf is a white dude from the holler of Alabama but brings enough rhymes and lava to hang with the big boys. He is on track to make some waves in the hip-hop game and creeping grinder jams like this are why.

♫ Rich Hill – Wont You Tell Me (feat. Kid Cudi) – Rich Hill has tapped Cudi to lend him some of that overblown fame on his first big track, however, this piano and a drum machine combo provide all the support this guy needs.

♫ K’naan – Wavin’ Flag – K’naan is from Canada via Somalia and guests on that great Wale track from last year as well as Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives. He is trying to get his solo career off the ground with this anthem and it seems to have worked as it’s been chosen as Coca-Cola’s promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, to be held in South Africa.

♫ Kellee Maize – Mothership – Kelle Maize is a cute blonde button of a white yoga enthusiast who also happens to dabble in dropping sick rhymes over some not-too-shabby beats. Yes, times they are a changing, and Kellee would like to help them along with all the positive vibes she can. Can’t argue with that. More at PMA.

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  1. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:


    When young Out Of Touch was the anthem of my days, thanks for bringing great memories back.


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    mbt shoes says:

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  3. Kim
    Kim says:

    So excited that Kellee Maize is finally getting some of the recognition that such an amazing artist deserves!

  4. RP
    RP says:

    Kellee Maize is awesome! It's so cool that a ton of great blogs are writing about her now and recognizing her talent. She is going to be huge and will inspire people everywhere! All while making us want to get up and dance, way cool

  5. TG
    TG says:

    Props to TBE Digest 10 for recognizing what a great artist Kellee is and the positive vibes she shares with all!

  6. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I'm looking at the 20 or so comments I have to catch up on and most of them are for Kellee. Either this girl has her street team on it;s game or you are all really loco for this girl. I need to hear more!

  7. Brit <-)
    Brit <-) says:

    Great choice of playlist! I agree on the Hot Hot Heat comment, I remember when they were new and awesome, about five years ago on there first album. Nice Hip-Hop choice, Dizzie is awesome, to bad he doesnt get enough credit in the U.S of A….Kellee is a perfect match for him, great new find thanks!

  8. Ronna
    Ronna says:

    I love Kellee!!! Can't wait to hear more from her, I have all her songs and love her music!

  9. bsny
    bsny says:

    This is such a great mix of sounds. I appreciate that you're open to different stuff.. but especially Kellee Maize! :)

  10. Cmb78
    Cmb78 says:

    I really do love the positive messages in Kellee's music. It is so refreshing to hear a female rapper who can rap about meditation and yoga, rather than hoes and bitches. Way to go, K. Maize.

  11. Comin4yabalboa
    Comin4yabalboa says:

    i didnt think this kellee maize track was bad by any stretch..but i’m not sure she deserves all this attention. Drake’s Over is THE hip-hip track out right now, bar none.

  12. X3carveyourheart
    X3carveyourheart says:

    i love listening to different music & kelle maize definately thinks outside the box when working on her music

  13. Mo_Mo
    Mo_Mo says:

    Love the Hip Hop Roundup. It’s nice to be introduced to some new music. Couldn’t help but notice the Kellee Maize craze! It’s great to see an underground artist with such a huge supporting fan base! I will definitely have to check out some of her other stuff!

    Any suggestions?

  14. Gabriellejhanna
    Gabriellejhanna says:

    this kellee girl blew up out of thin air… she’s on a list with some HUGE names in the industry. i’m glad i stumbled onto this page

  15. Guest
    Guest says:

    Check out Hasta Abajo or Revival of the 5th Sun.  I’m pretty sure her music is still free on Amazon so download away! 

  16. Guest
    Guest says:

    Check out Hasta Abajo or Revival of the 5th Sun.  I’m pretty sure her music is still free on Amazon so download away! 

  17. Guest
    Guest says:

    Check out Hasta Abajo or Revival of the 5th Sun.  I’m pretty sure her music is still free on Amazon so download away! 

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