TBE Digest 11 – 6.28.2010 [Klaxons, Local Natives, Of Montreal, Brandon Flowers, !!!, …]

Yo! Here is a bunch of stuff you might be interested in hearing/downloading/jamming to/raising an eyebrow at! Your options are basically limitless!

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♫ Klaxons – Flashover / Klaxons’ massively acclaimed 2007 debut never struck a chord with me but now that I have been revisiting it I am realizing I missed out on an awesome album. This new track of theirs isn’t getting me as hyped as I am for their old stuff but who knows what will happen when I hear all of forthcoming Surfing The Void.

♫ Bodega Girls – We Are Losers / I covered Bodega Girls and their awesomeness here. How about another little jangly bummin-around-in-the-summer anthem?

♫ Battles – The Line / The dude behind the Twilight soundtracks is no slouch. New Battles? Heck yeah. Almost makes me want to see… wait, that’s not true. “The Line” is no “Atlas,” but still I’m stoked to hear what else Battles have been cooking up.

♫ Florence and The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms / Florence got herself a new track on the new Twilight soundtrack too. There’s that voice! I’m betting someone dies to this one.

♫ of Montreal – Coquet Coquette / I’ve never fully vibed with of Montreal and this track isn’t really changing that. I think it might be Kevin Barnes’ voice. Well, new album is out this year so we’ll see how it goes.

♫ Brandon Flowers – Crossfire / Well, the dude does have a sweet ass name, but I can’t really say I endorse his solo adventure. Seems kinda like an over produced and watered down Killers to me. At least give us something we weren’t expecting, like a reggaeton album or something.

♫ Ugly Cassanova – Lay Me Down / Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse has this side project which has been dormant for a while but recently surfaced to provide some Modest Mouse lite for the soundtrack to the film 180° South.

♫ Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Morning Light / I don’t know why but I can’t handle this guys voice anymore. Musically, this might be hist best stuff, but that desperate singing is just chaffing my ears right now. Sucks to be me.

♫ !!! (Chk Chk Chk) – AM/FM / !!! have always been alright and made songs that I can easily bob along too without getting me too interested in them (aside from “Myth Takes,” that’s a jam!). “AM/FM” seems to follow that tradition. A fine song I guess, just nothing great.

♫ Jenny & Johnny – Scissor Runner / Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley fame) is dating Jonathan Rice (of Johnathan Rice fame) and the two of them have gone and decided to make mediocre couples music together (of bad idea fame).

♫ She & Him – Fools Rush In (cover) / That Levi’s cover series continues with this cover of a song so classic and performed by so many great artists that they didn’t even label who they were covering. This version won’t be going down in the history books but it’s certainly a nice addition to the She & Him catalog.

♫ Local Natives – Careful (Television cover) / Television is a seminal 70s band that I don’t know but the L.A. blog Aquarium Drunkard does and even commissioned a bunch of bands to cover their 1978 album Adventure. The project is called Le’Aventure and proceeds go to The Silverlake Conservatory of Music. That’s a great cause and if every track is as nice as this Local Natives cover then it is definitely worth it.

♫ Sam Billen – To Kingdom Come (Passion Pit Cover) / Sam Billen is a dude who has done a whole album of covers and this one of Passion Pit is somehow light and twinkly and intimate while still doing the original justice. Well done.

♫ Weezer – Represent / So this one isn’t so timely but if you hadn’t heard, Rivers Cuomo is a massive soccer/football fan and wrote this anthem for the US team before the world cup. That ship has already sailed but there are still kids who will need this blasted by dad in the mini-van before games!

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