TBE Digest 12 – 8.25.10 [Civil Civic, The Knocks, Wale, Pete Yorn, Weezer, Passion Pit, …]

A month away from high speed internet will do a lot to a man so while I readjust myself to city living let me drop this round of Digest jams on you. Some of them aren’t the most timely but thankfully you understand. Some great tracks in here! Nice to see new freshness from Civil Civic, Young Empires, and The Knocks. Plus Passion Pit cover Smashing Pumpkins? Hot dog! Rock on and drop a thought in the comments!

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♫ Civil Civic – Run Overdrive / One of the year’s best EPs gets followed up by this rollicking single which is B-sided by a track called “Fuck Youth.” Choose your own price for both tracks and then get on board the best tour blog going. (I’ve read every post). Sweet jams and hilarious antics, what else do you want!?

♫ Young Empires – Against The Wall (Demo) / Their first demo blew my mind and the tropical beach party continues with this new jam! I’d kill to see these guys live!

♫ The Knocks – Make It Better / Summer ‘aint over yet and The Knocks are here to make sure we get that straight! Every jam from these guys just gets better! When are we going to get a full length of this shimmering groove magic?

♫ We Are Scientists – Nice Guys / Pitchfork reviewed the album today and hit the nail on the head. Kinda dull. This one isn’t bad though. Although the whole thing just makes me want to listen to With Love And Squalor.

♫ Dominique Young Unique – Pussy Popping / Everyone’s favorite teenage Tampa native with a penchant for booty flashing is back with a whole mixtape of rawkus jams to get your party soaked with various bodily fluids. Download the whole thing for free!

♫ Wale – The Black & Gold / After disappointing the whole world with last years flop of a major label debut Wale is back to his roots with a new mixtape. This track has him sampling Sam Sparro’s bulletproof “Black and Gold.” I love the lyrics about bellinis. So true.

♫ Pete Yorn – Precious Stone / It’s Pete Yorn. He’s made tons of solo jams and even a few with Scarlett Johansson. Here his newest solo effort. Not blowing minds but will fit in nicely on the radio.

♫ Pacific! – Venus Rising / I love their 2008 album but am not really feeling this electro hecticness. Frowny face.

♫ Weezer – Memories / While today’s Weezer sounds nothing like the Weezer of my youth at least it doesn’t sound like the Weezer of last year. “Memories” is from their forthcoming (yes, another one) album, Hurley, which is named after the Lost character not the clothing brand that peaked in popularity when they were still a good band. So yes, the River Cuomo Shit Show continues but at least this song is somewhat rockable. Somewhat. UPDATE: Jesus, turns out my Hurley joke runs deeper than I could have expected.

♫ Tired Pony – Point Me At Islands (feat. Zooey Deschanel) / Tired Pony is the new project Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody along with a dude each from REM and Belle & Sebastian. The project also includes tons of guest vocals. Like Zooey here. Not really doing it for me.


♫ Passion Pit – Tonight, Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins cover) / The Smashing Pumpkins classic gets a stripped down re-working from falsetto heroes Passion pit. Pretty great.

♫ John Legend & The Roots – Our Generation / John Legend is my favorite when he gets his funk on so naturally this cover with The Roots is all kinds of enjoyable goodness. Get sexy!

♫ Jackson Harris – Empire State Of Mind (Jay-Z cover) / Another folksy singer/songwriter cover of Jay-Z? Sweeeet.

♫ Alex Winston – Pull My Heart Away (Jack Penate Cover) / Aside from cranking out funk firecrackers, The Knocks are also producing the 22 year old sweet-voiced Detroit songstress and multi-instrumentalist Alex Winston. Her Basement Covers EP is available free and includes covers of TBE favorites Mumford & Sons, Francis & The Lights, Teddybears, and Jack Penate (above). (There is also a cover of the Rolling Stones, whoever they are). So she has impeccable musical taste, sings like an angel, has opened for Chuck Berry, and plays all her own instruments? Anyone have her number?

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  1. Guest
    Guest says:

    Wow.. the Passion Pit and Jackson Harris covers are great. Not sure I can listen to the Jay-Z version again!

  2. Tyler 'H' Denner
    Tyler 'H' Denner says:

    Agreed…You know passion pit will deliver…but i didnt know who Jackson Harris was and now I’m LOVING his stuff. You should check his other song…Its his single..its tight…Itd be amazing if like cuz of your posts that he blows up haha …Also i respect that you dig Wale, some of my friends say his stuff is too soft, like a watered down kid cudi which is already soft

  3. Ghosttalk82
    Ghosttalk82 says:

    Jackson Harris seems to be the needle in the hay stack of Empire state of mind covers…on top of that the guy is crazy talented

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